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I want a blog too!

With these words Filippo Berto put his voice online and created his first post which – although he didn’t know it at the time, he was to discover this much later – would turn out to be the first Italian corporate blog in the field of design.

It was 2004, very few were online and of those few there were only one or two scattered companies, some big brands and BertO.

From that first post, Filippo’s blog has continued to grow until it has become the focal point of a conversation in six different languages, followed from all over the world with a dedication and interest which render the blog truly unique.

These web pages have also led to the development of a virtual room next to the artisan workshop, known as the “storytelling workshop” where you can read about a job – that of a sartorial upholsterer- which has always been misrepresented and therefore unknown and undervalued. A great little revolution in a sector which has always been more inclined to know how to do than how to narrate.

This approach is the result of everything the founders instilled into the young Filippo, to take pride in a job well done and put this pride at the centre of his activity. That same spirit with which, in 2019, the company celebrated with the book the #Spiritof74.

And so, over the years, the blog has evolved, found new contacts and connections, opened its doors to cultural exchanges in the world of artisan manufacture, holds interviews and throws out big and small challenges.

And in all this they have gradually turned the spotlight onto a profession, until now relatively unknown, creating an advantage not only for the company but for the entire sector.

Also in today’s increasing use of social network – widely frequented by the company in all its various forms – BertO remains a “company blogger”, a staunch believer in respect for conversation, attention for the interlocutor, the collaborative attitude in their relationships, all easily understandable when we consider the brand name, the customer care, the warm welcome in the showrooms and the sensibility for co-creation projects.

BertoStory is the truest and most profound story of the company, created in the young years of the Internet and still today the authentic voice of the soul of BertO.

A work of artisan communication, delicate and true to itself, written with loving attention by the company’s communication team and sometimes a direct communication from the CEO who likes to write and sign his posts for himself.

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