Furnishing accessories really make the DIFFERENCE

If you’ve already furnished your living room, you will have realised how little a difference a single sofa alone makes in your living space.

The juxtaposition you make with all the other elements of the room is what will define your project once it’s finished.

And if an unplanned combination is immediately strange in the eyes of someone else, you should know that the same thing can also occur in your outdoor space with the risk of being very disappointed with the choices you’ve made.

Although an outdoor sofa may be expertly crafted, it risks losing all its charm if it’s combined with tables, armchairs, cushions or other furnishing accessories that have nothing to do with its identity.

Instead of achieving a harmonious space, the result will just be cacophonous.

Carl Outdoor coffee tables and Bruce pouf - BertO


Our customers are fascinated by the unique style we offer. Often, even without realising it, they are attracted more by the atmosphere created by the combination of the various elements than by the single element itself.

By choosing one of our sofas, both in the showroom and online, what strikes you is the harmonious set of elements and combinations that flawlessly complete the space.

Next to each sofa, we meticulously position the most suitable accessories according to well-studied criteria, to obtain a sophisticated, modern or elegant style, always in line with the BertO design language.

Also for the SOUNDS collection we wanted to include different elements such as sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, poufs, chairs and outdoor tables, specially designed for your outdoor spaces.

These elements, thanks to their unlimited modularity, are capable of making any environment spacious and sophisticated.

Carl Outdoor coffee tables and Bruce pouf - BertO

Imagine your Brian, the wonderful outdoor sofa from the Sounds collection, with cushions that you already had lying around, perhaps even indoor ones, placed on it. Obviously it no longer has the same effect as when you saw it in the showroom.

The same also happens with tables, armchairs, rugs, poufs… Once you’ve identified your dream sofa, pay close attention to the accessories you decide to add.

Carl Outdoor Coffee Tables - BertO

If you want to be sure you’re not making a mistake, the best solution is to contact an expert who can advise you on exactly which pieces are best suited to your sofa.

Precisely for this reason we’ve created for you a series of specific coordinates for the outdoors that will make every piece you choose for your decor stand out.

Ask now for your personal consultation and create your own furnishing project with one of BertO’s Made in Meda interior designers

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