We have opened two things in Turin, Corso Verona 16. One of the two is a shop.

Between the two things we have opened last Saturday in Turin, the shop is not the most important one.

It is not so easy so say such a thing right after a long period of hard work – 8 weeks ago we have signed the contract for the space and the day before yesterday we have opened the shop; we could do all that thanks to all people working with us and to their great effort and heart – a long period where we have worked so hard, starting from zero up to the opening of the new showroom, everything has been done in such an intense and pragmatic way that we hardly believed we could manage it and we still do even now that lights are on and the first customers come and visit the shop.

There must be something really extraordinary if there is something more important than the beautiful shop we have opened, something that is more important than the emotion of the #BertoLive concept on the Turinese scenery, something that goes beyond our breathtaking emotion when the first couple of people entered the shop for the first time and gave a new input to the relation producer-consumer in the spirit of the #faindaman from Brianza under the Mole.

If you have had the chance to spend some time with us during this period, you perfectly know what was going on in our team due to the preparation for the opening of the new Turinese showroom.

We hardly find the words to describe the force of all hands, the power of energy, the strong will that have enabled us to open the shop in Corso Verona 16 in eight weeks.

But the shop – have you seen what a beautiful shop? – is not the most important thing we have opened.

clienti showroom BertO torino

What we have opened, what we have carefully prepared, what we have inaugurated and what we celebrate today with great satisfaction is a system.

A system for what? A system to be what we are.

We have worked on it for so many years, we have discussed about it for such a long time even spending sleepless nights.

A system to be what we are, not a part of Amazon or Ikea, not a Black Friday fragment. A system to be what we are and to demonstrate that we do not belong to the great distribution mechanism.

It is about us and not about some digital marketing addicts, or augmented reality and 3D configuration fans.

A system that is based on something unique in the world, something we are the only ones to hold: us.

Our people.

A team with strong values, determination, resolution and coherence: these people have a gorgeous competence combined with humility and spirit it is quite hard to find; they are deeply serious about what they do and demonstrate a concrete simplicity; they show a sincere intellectual honesty, they are committed to learning something every day, they work in such a way that makes us proud of their job at the end of every working day, which lasts sometimes more than usual. And do not forget all problems and difficulties we have to manage – like everyone else – when we have to do with work und human responsibilities.

We have promised ourselves to transform all this into a system that is able to improve and grow in a virtuous way so that we like to imagine we can open…. much more than a shop.

Only if we can be what we really are, we will be able to be you.

Or be the couple entered the shop on Saturday, 11th November, at 16.15 and be their living where they will build their future.

Or be the elegant woman right after and the sofa where she will be seating while calling the son on Skype.

Or be the man entering right before closing time and the armchair of his evening cigar and of his memories.

We must be two of us: answering machines are not able to have that special understanding, ecommerce cannot understand a silence moment, we do not know any Chabot that look you into your eyes.

That is exactly what we have opened in Turin.

A shop and, we hope, even a special relation with that part of Turinese people that came und visit us.

Come and visit us, in Corso Verona 16-

Allestimento showroom BertO Torino Team BertO

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