[Video] Why the new Berto container beds do not steal space. #whyberto n.1

Why the new Berto container beds do not steal space is the title of our first video clip, #whyberto n.1.  The new advertising project is intended to provide good reasons for choosing Berto and to describe the work of our craftsmen, who create the value for which our sofas and armchairs are so appreciated.

The living space of modern homes is smaller than it used to be, once again demand pushes technology to make products that respond to our problems for space with practical and efficient solutions.

In reality, we must thank the consumer who constantly demands that companies respond to their needs as consumers.

The container bed responded to one of these demands and has become a handy container, the useable space positioned below the mattress allows room for storing boxes or linen.  In addition, to the added space provided by the container is also the opening mechanism, designed for easy lifting.

This was made possible by a mechanism driven by gas struts attached to the frame, which allows the mattress to raise without effort, bringing it to an elevated horizontal position; making it easier to make the bed, access the contents of the container and for easier cleaning.

Wait there’s more!  In the first model the mechanism positioned the mattress to extend beyond the perimeter of the frame, acquiring an additional footprint of 35 cm.   Today, thanks to a specially redesigned mechanism, the new Berto container bed has no residual footprint, the mattress stands parallel to the base of the bed frame, without taking up any additional space.

In this first video clip, #whyberto n.1, Filippo Berto explains the difference between the two models with a practical example to illustrate the disparity between the new and the old container bed, yet another space saving innovation of technology and design.

All Berto beds can be equipped with the new zero footprint storage box, which also offers special orthopedic slats for the lumbar area and regular slats for the perimeter of the bed, all reinforced with a dual steel track frame, the subject of our next video clip.

Berto beds are all custom made, down to the last centimetre (inch), according to the needs of our clients. Fabric removable covers, faux leather or leather covers can be selected from our collection.

In the video series called #whyberto, we have published 8 video clips, each clip informs our viewers in just a few seconds – something you should know about Berto.

You can see all the videos clips here.

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    Per favore vorrei sapere il prezzo del maccanismo , per il letto matrimoniale , a due posizioni , verticale – orizzontale , compreso di telaio e rete con daghe in faggio stratificato , spedizione Sicuro di una vostra esaustiva risposta . Distinti saluti ATTILIO FRUGIS

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      con piacere.
      A breve la contatterà Arianna per fornirle tutte le informazioni.


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