#BertoLive on 19th May 2017: Stefano Schiavo “Live” with his book #Maker!

When someone enters #BertoLive with his passion, we feel a new energy as if our batteries got an extra charge: you immediately start feeling something new in the air, you get a nice feeling of pleasant curiosity around the room and the atmosphere is full of positive wait for something to come.

As far as we are concerned when we present a new event we feel in the same mood as it happens before a concert…the “good vibes” are in the air even before the amplifiers start playing the music!

This is exactly how we feel when we talk about the coming event where the main protagonist will be an author, a business consultant, a manager and an innovation expert: Stefano Schiavo. Most of the people working in our sector already know him thanks to his important experiences as for design and manufacture.

a bertolive la presentazione del libro maker di stefano schiavo

Many others will have the pleasure to meet him on a double level – both personally and through his book #Maker – at BertoLive.

Would you like some information in advance?

Stefano Schiavo is founder and partner at Sharazad, a consulting company as for strategic marketing and business organization. In the past he worked as manager in some important companies related to the innovation design centered.
He has worked on many innovative projects as for Marketing, Lean Thinking, Management Control, and Social Organization.
He works in consultancy activity and temporary management: among the main themes we can find the definition and development of innovative business models. He cooperated with important companies dealing with different sectors as for services and production.
He has launched the didactic format “The Fab Sessions”. He is working in a startup related to communication and retail: Lino’s & Co., a network of coworking spaces design centered, event and education. He often speaks during congresses and meetings about Innovation in business models and Lean Thinking. He teaches as professor in some business schools, universities and companies.

Stefano has accepted our invitation and will spend a Friday evening with us talking about the process he undertook to write his book “Cosa le aziende si aspettano dagli Artigiani Digitali” (“What do companies expect from the Digital Artisans”).

It will be a great pleasure to have him and talk with him about this matter.

At BertoLive we will try to read and interpret a new vision about our future and this will be supported by the different elicitations and reflections deriving from the dialogue, by the precious contributions of Gaia Segattini, Patrizia Bolzan, and Marcello Pirovano and by the final comments of Stefano Micelli and Stefano Maffei.

As far as we are concerned, we are getting used to these events thanks to the beautiful participations we have had until now.

The book is already available on the online stores (here Amazon) and in the bookshops, and the author will be present in our Loving Room BertoLive in Meda, on 19th May from 19.00.

We wait for you and…stay tuned: there will be some more surprises to come as for this event.

[Free entrance upon email confirmation at valentina@bertosalotti.it or by registration here]

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