BertO’s Christmas is Made in Meda

We could have made a toast in the office, workshop, or showroom in Meda as well as in Rome, Turin, Padua, or Brescia.

We could have made a round of phone calls to feel close and wish each other a Merry Christmas.

Instead, we decided to celebrate our ongoing dedication and commitment to serving our customers in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany … as far away as Singapore.

We believe goals are an opportunity for renewal.

We know that to be true this year, like never before.

So we all found ourselves in Meda, the beloved subject of Filippo Berto’s book which celebrates the Design of Dreams Made in Meda recipe for our clients’ homes.

We never stop thinking about our clients: we think about how to make them happy every day in their homes, with their friends and family, about how to turn their dream into incredible comfort, and about how to fulfill the wishes they have always had.

We were thinking of our clients this evening too, retracing all the challenges we faced during the year that is about to close, and getting ready for the many big challenges we will face in 2023.

Happy Christmas to us but, above all, to our clients who choose us and honour us with their trust!

PS: We are open during the Christmas holiday too. ==> Discover the special opening hours here!

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