The four most common mistakes everyone makes when furnishing their living room

The time comes when you can’t put it off any longer: furnishing the living room, whether it is an overhaul of the current décor or a start from a blank sheet of paper, is always an uncertainty.

The first big rule for avoiding mistakes is true now and for years to come, which is why we will never stop repeating it to our customers.

The living room starts with the plan. Always.

Without a plan that takes into account the positioning of the main furnishings to meet aesthetic, functional and visual requirements, one risks making major mistakes.

It is therefore a good idea to take some important factors into account and, if necessary, seek the help of an expert who can help you blend the ingredients of the PERFECT PLAN to avoid finding yourself regretting the choices you have made.

Above all, be wary of those who are not able to do this, whose sole purpose is to sell you an extra sofa instead of actually helping you to get the living room of your dreams (just take a trip on the internet and carefully read the reviews of furniture shops to realise that this is a very frequent and not at all rare phenomenon).

So what do you always have to keep in mind?

The dimensions of the room, its exposure to light, the main colours of the walls, floors, fixtures and, above all, what you imagine you want to spend your day doing: relaxation or socialising, or both?

Choosing a sofa

Modular or linear?

People often let the size of the room decide, without taking into account many factors such as orientation, design and accessories to match to achieve a complete yet uncluttered living room.

The new BertO modular sofas play with new shapes: from corner units with original pouffes to asymmetrical chaises longues.

The new Leather and Fabrics collection was also created around BertO’s Made in Meda project: the highest quality on the market, a selection of yarns and leathers that respond to the volumes of the upholstery, and original colours that can be perfectly matched to the materials of the accessories, such as marble and metal.

Must-have accessories

Coffee tables and armchairs are not just functional or simply aesthetic objects.
Rather, they are an integral part of the project.

The coffee tables in front of or beside the sofa in the new BertO Collection, such as the Riff or Circus models, create true islands of elegant support surfaces thanks to the collection’s new finishes such as Marinace Black or Deep Gray marble.

The armchairs become iconic, either by following the colour choices (as in the case of the Kim armchair in leather or fabric) or by standing out completely in terms of materials and shapes, as in the case of the Patti armchair with a Vienna straw backrest.

The new IAN bookcase: a must-have piece of furniture for your living room

BertO’s IAN bookcase was designed to be used as a room divider or wall-mounted. Its main feature, apart from its soft, contemporary design, is the selection of materials with which it can be made up and combined with accessories. The shelves can be made of the same marbles selected for the tables.

The JIM desk, the real novelty for your living room

Jim is the latest addition to the BertO Collection: a designer desk designed by Castello Lagravinese Studio in collaboration with the BertO Research and Development team to meet the new demands of having a hi-tech office corner in the home.

It takes up very little space, is elegantly finished and is extremely functional thanks to its access points for USB, network and charging cables.

A few simple rules allow you to achieve a result that balances simplicity and elegance, perfectly tailored to the needs of each customer.

Find out how to achieve the living room of your dreams with the BertO Made in Meda solution.

If you haven’t already done so, download the new BertO catalogue and receive your personal offer to design your living room, starting with the sofa.

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