Design penthouse in Milan with BertO living room interview with the architect Paola Felletti and Silvia.

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Design Penthouse in Milan - BertO

In a beautiful Milanese penthouse, we met Paola Felletti, the architect who carried out the renovation and interior design project of this wonderful 150-square-metre apartment, located in the heart of the capital of Lombardy. With her was Silvia, the client and owner of the house.

There’s one thing which makes this project truly special and different from the others, and which eagle-eyed readers will notice when they look at the photos: Silvia’s surname is also Felletti and she’s Paola’s twin sister.

Architect Paola Felletti and Silvia Felletti - BertO interview

Our meeting with the Felletti sisters took place in what Silvia called the “nest” and Paola the “aquarium”, a bright living room with windows with a panoramic view of the city of Milan.

We chatted with them while comfortably seated on the Dee Dee sofa, and this is what they told us.

Let’s start with two questions for the author of this project: Paola, can you tell us who you are and how this project came about?

Paola Felletti: I’ve been an architect for more than half my life, exactly 25 years.

The design of this apartment was born first of all from the choices shared with the client and her family, which I collected and mediated, considering the characteristics of the environment first of all.

The choices made came from evaluating several important aspects, including a family of 5 people with specific needs and the opportunity to take advantage of the large open space this house offers.

Penthouse with panoramic view of Milan - BertO

Silvia, why did you choose this solution?

Silvia: The idea was to create a sort of “nest”, a refuge we can withdraw to and isolate ourselves from this big city we live in, but at the same time we can welcome people and friends to have a good time with them.

So the environment had to be extremely convivial: the terrace allows you to spend a lot of time outdoors and we wanted everything to be visible from the outside. So every aspect had to be studied in detail and coordinated between the different elements. We chose a modular sofa which would allow the whole family to relax and enjoy the comfort of a chaise longue while looking out over the skyline of the city.

Together with the Dee Dee sofa, we chose an armchair which incorporates some of the elements which already exist in the environment, like the antique-style wooden table. This is why the Patti armchair with the Vienna straw backrest immediately seemed perfect for the interior design.

Milanese penthouse living room - BertO

Paola told us about a sort of “aquarium” on the terrace. A transparent place, where every design object takes on even more value.

Silvia: Exactly! The transparency of the windows lets in the light and this is what enhances the design of the product. Light is an important aspect, especially for people who live in big cities. The opportunity to create a place to spend relaxing moments in, which is intimate but at the same time invaded by the warmth of the sunlight, is in itself an excellent definition of comfort.

Design Penthouse in Milan - Felletti Collaboration

Why did you choose BertO to carry out your design project?

Silvia: BertO was recommended by Paola, who had already come into contact with the company regarding interior design products and services.

When we visited your Showroom in Meda, we immediately felt like our idea of a “nest” had come to life, thanks in particular to the extraordinary welcome and assistance we received.

The expectation and the idea we had about the renovation of this terrace materialised instantly. We were very happy to experience a guarantee of reliability which is extremely difficult to find these days.

Another important factor when it came to choosing BertO were the unique design and comfort of the products. We immediately noticed their quality and the centuries of tradition behind their creation.

Paola: Exactly, what was very interesting for me as an architect was to be able to have access to an infinity of perfectly coordinated products and customisation services to carry out the entire project.

View from the Milanese penthouse - BertO

We’d like to thank the architect Paola Felletti and Silvia Felletti for this interview and for sharing their design project with us.

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