Master of Science 2022: discover the new BertO collaboration with students at the Università Cattolica of Milan!

We are happy to announce some important news: BertO is continuing its commitment to training young people by representing SMEs on the Master of Science 2022 course at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan.

Leading the training course with us are five other companies from a wide variety of sectors: Como Next (innovation), Fratelli Beretta (food), VivaVoce institute (health), Energy team (electronics) and SPI spa (industrial design).

BertO is bringing design into the classrooms of the Università Cattolica of Milan; we are honoured to do this!

Filippo Berto at the Master of Science 2022

What is the Master of Science Course?

It is a high-quality training course of international value; it is structured around 30 hours of activity with full involvement by the companies and other participants.

On January 10, 2022, we had the first meeting with the class of 20 students we will have the pleasure of training on this particularly stimulating and qualifying course. After this first meeting, at which all six participating companies had the opportunity to give an introduction, we plan to involve the class in a direct testimony session at BertoStudio @ LOM Locanda Officina Monumentale.

This studio – where research, design and innovation intertwine in an intense and fascinating way – will be the “theater” where we conduct “BertO testimony” for the Master’s students.

We will then enter the heart of the work with an assignment entrusted to a selection of students to measure themselves with an operational task. The task will be carried out in total autonomy during the month of February.

The student’s response to the task will take the form of a 20-minute presentation in which we are sure that – as always happens when we are dealing with young people – we will learn a lot.

Thanks to a field project at our company, we will follow and complete the experience with a phase of total involvement: we will be able to create the right operational synergy between the companies and students, united by a project to be carried out together.

As can be well understood from these notes, it is a decidedly demanding course, in which our company will be one of the six points of reference to guide a highly relevant training phase.
We take our responsibility in a serious and motivated way, aware of how new generations are fundamental to the evolution – not only to the future but also to the present – of our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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