Ermal Meta’s studio furnished by BertO

We created the design project for the studio of Ermal Meta, musician and writer.

We first met almost a year ago, at our showroom in Meda. We immediately understood that it would be a very special project and that being able to collaborate with a deep, sincere musician would be a huge challenge.

Team BertO with the singer Ermal Meta

As with all clients who enter our showrooms, our goal was to create a relationship with him and fully understand the style, design, and functionality needed to make his studio something special.

It is never a question of choosing a sofa or an armchair, but above all of transforming a desire into a physical place, with a particular atmosphere.
For this reason, after the first meeting, others followed.

The design phase of Ermal Meta’s studio

We talked for a while before proceeding. I think, first of all, they were interested in understanding who I am off-stage, what music I listen to, what strikes me most in a space, and what doesn’t.

The most important part of designing a space to furnish, whether it’s a workspace like Ermal Meta’s studio or the living room of your own home, is listening.
Imagining what you really want for your home, who to spend time with, and, therefore, what kind of atmosphere to create, is the starting point for every project design for our clients.

In this case, Ermal immediately showed us who he is by stating that his studio had to be an “ANTI STUDIO”, that is, the furthest thing from a traditional recording space.

I’ve spent half my life in studios, so I didn’t want a space that made me think I was in a studio. Studios are generally aseptic and muffled and, after spending a lot of time in them, you lose the perception of time. I, on the other hand, wanted a space that could also be something else, depending on my needs. A space that would satisfy my work needs but that would also be good for times of relaxation or for other things. A multi space.

From the plan we started working to make the environment extremely comfortable and welcoming while maintaining a strong sense of the artist’s identity in every aspect of the furnishings and materials.

Ermal Meta's Studio Project by BertO

The design project

To stay faithful to the artist’s identity and initial requests, we presented the first project with a subdivision of the spaces in the environment.
A real stage was planned, upon which to have private concerts and exhibit some of the artist’s historic guitars.

The stalls were then transformed into a comfortable living room with a Joey sofa from BertoLive– the limited edition collection inspired by music and passions to which we have dedicated a large area in the our showrooms.

The sofa is upholstered in black denim and, in the centre, there is a tufted pouf in aged black leather and copper studs.

Matching the sofa are two Vanessa capitonné armchairs in aged black leather.

Behind it, the IAN bookcase divides the room into two, creating separate but never hidden environments.

Conviviality was an important part of the design challenge: in addition to the many seats that furnish a studio designed to welcome friends and guests in every corner, there is also a large CJ table with black Marquinia marble top and Jackie chairs.

BertO brought to life my vision of a studio that was very different while remaining the same.

Joey Sofa: Ermal Meta Studio Project by BertO

The Made in Meda recipe at the service of Ermal Meta’s project

At his request, Ermal Meta’s studio has a lot in common with the design project of a house. We therefore interpreted Ermal Meta’s requests through BertO’s Made in Meda recipe which uses the most advanced technology in the sector to create totally personalized furnishings with fine finishes and lasting comfort over time.

The original BertO design interpreted Ermal Meta’s style and his artistic soul, giving shape to the desire for a creative and convivial environment: this is a space in which he can not only make music and work but can also relax and spend time with friends, surrounded by everything that takes the stage with him from costumes to musical instruments.

Ermal Meta called it “A space with many souls” and we are very happy to have created such a special project for him.

If you too want to create a design project for your living room, your entire home, or your studio, request an appointment with our interior designers here now.

Kim armchair by BertO: Ermal Meta's Studio Project by BertO
Pouf Capitonnè by BertO: Ermal Meta's Studio Project
Vanessa Capitonnè by BertO: Ermal Meta's Studio Project
CJ table and Jackie chairs by BertO: Ermal Meta's Studio Project
Ian Bookcase by BertO: Ermal Meta's Studio Project

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