SOUNDS, the first Outdoor collection by BertO inspired by music and nature, has
been created.

If in recent years you too have felt the need to have a house with an outdoor space, such as a terrace or
garden, I understand you.

And it is for this very reason that we have created a new collection entirely dedicated to your outdoor living room.
It’s called SOUNDS and is inspired by music and nature.

BertO outdoor living room furnished with Outdoor SOUNDS Collection

It is important for you to know that, unlike many other companies in the sector, we are fortunate enough to serve each of our customers directly. As part of our direct service to you:

  • We constantly update the quality of our products and services, to offer you the best for your design project;
  • We design each of our models using the most advanced technologies in the sector, and we oversee each stage before introducing you to a new product;
  • Each of our models is created by our Art Directors from the Castello Lagravinese Studio and the BertO Research and Development team who collaborate and work together throughout the prototyping phase;
  • We offer the best guarantees in the sector: this is no small thing as neither resellers nor very small producers can afford to do this;
  • Each service we offer you is without intermediaries: we alone serve you to give the best for your project. We know each product inside out, unlike many retailers who only know their products from a catalogue and have never seen them in real life.
  • We offer fixed production and delivery times because we control the entire cycle: from the order to delivery to your home.

Having a direct relationship with each customer means we understand, know, and listen to them.
It is for this very reason that we decided to create a collection of outdoor furniture: our customers have frequently expressed a need for this.

The Sounds collection is made up of a welcoming sofa with a very ample seat that will beautify not only large and luxurious environments but also smaller gardens and terraces (which is very difficult to achieve with brands that fail to reverse the scale “from large to small”).

The design project for your outdoor space is completed by an incredibly comfortable armchair that is also suitable for smaller balconies, as well as poufs, coffee tables, and an exclusive table with elegant chairs.

Brian Outdoor Sofa

The BRIAN outdoor sofa is a work of design with unmistakable comfort and almost infinite modularity. The Brian sofa was created with limited but very welcoming and wide depth. Like an indoor sofa, Brian invites you to enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation in the open air.

Made of stainless steel with an embossed black, teal, or lime powder finish, the structure consists of a thin side with vertical metal wires that give the sofa a light and airy appearance.

The thin side highlights the steel wire structure, which makes every single part of the sofa and the surrounding environment visible.

This makes each piece extremely elegant at any angle and view.

Brian sofa: Outdoor SOUNDS Collection by BertO

Caroline Outdoor Armchair

The CAROLINE outdoor armchair has a welcoming design that offers you exclusive comfort with an original combination of materials and colours.

The seat and back cushions have been studied down to the smallest detail to offer you unprecedented comfort in the panorama of outdoor design furniture: a mix of polyurethane foam for the seat and microflock for the backrest that offers an embrace of pleasant relaxation.

Like the Brian sofa, the Caroline armchair can be made with a black, teal, or lime green powder-coated embossed steel structure.

Caroline armchar: Outdoor SOUNDS Collection by BertO

CJ table and Jackie Outdoor chairs

The CJ Outdoor garden table from the SOUNDS Collection embodies the essence of exclusivity for your outdoor dining room; made according to BertO’s Made in Meda recipe

Combined with the Jackie Outdoor chairs, the CJ table embodies the quintessence of elegance, formal rigour, and exclusive research, thanks to carefully selected materials such as the lava stone top and the embossed steel structure with an exclusive black, teal or lime green finish.

CJ table and Jackie chairs: Outdoor SOUNDS Collection by BertO

Carl Outdoor Coffee Tables

Carl is the outdoor table that can decorate any corner of your garden, terrace, or outdoor space with elegance and great personality.

The structure in embossed stainless steel is available in the range of exclusive colours chosen by BertO for its SOUNDS collection dedicated to outdoor furniture: matt black, teal and lime green.

Each stainless steel element of the SOUNDS collection by BertO is carefully worked and finished with special epoxy paint to guarantee optimal resistance to UV rays, sudden changes in temperature, and atmospheric agents.

The top is in dark grey shaped lava stone; available in four sizes: 140 cm, 100 cm, 80 cm, and 55 cm.

The heights vary to compose a design island that is perfect for decorating the garden or for adding support surfaces in front of the sofa in your outdoor living room.

Carl coffee tables: Outdoor SOUNDS Collection by BertO

Bruce Outdoor Pouf

Bruce is the design outdoor pouf, is an extremely welcoming seat in its large 125 cm diameter version and in its versatile and easy-to-place small 40 cm version.

Bruce is an extremely versatile accessory with an exclusive design: the structure takes up the symbolic look of the entire SOUNDS Collection.

The stainless steel wires with an embossed finish available in the colours of the Collection (black, teal, and lime green) create a play of transparency and shadows that decorate all the surrounding surfaces.

Bruce pouf: Outdoor SOUNDS Collection by BertO

Designed by Castello Lagravinese Studio exclusively for BertO, the entire SOUNDS collection was created and built to last over time, protected from sudden changes in temperature and UV rays.

Every BertO collection displays the Meda ingredient: the SOUNDS collection continues this trend, moving the bar upwards.

SOUNDS will be previewed during Milan Design Week at our exclusive Milanese location at LOM – Locanda Officina Monumentale – in via Galileo Ferraris 1 in Milan (monumental area, MM Cenisio).

If you would like to preview all the models in the Sounds Collection, write now to and book your private appointment!

Ask now for your personal consultation and create your own furnishing project with one of BertO’s Made in Meda interior designers

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