Good ideas always come together: when factories open their doors – and their ears – to let culture in.

Good ideas always come together.

In Corriere della Sera on Monday 15th January, we read an article entitled “Want to come to a concert in the factory?” and we immediately thought how good it was to read about nationally important companies leading the way with initiatives of this type.

Many companies were named, each with an interesting initiative but all with just one aim in common, the promotion of company ideas through some of the things we feel passionate about: music, art, literature, design or simply the desire get together and share our ideas.
Kristalia corriere della sera

When we decided to create BertoLive, special areas in our showrooms set apart for relaxation and conviviality, this was our aim.

We wanted to invite our visitors to have a break while looking for their ideal sofa, to sit with us and have a chat, glance through a book, listen to a record from our collection of Punk Rock music and perhaps open the fridge and try some locally produced beer.

Or they can take part in one of the many evenings we have organised, together with local societies, institutions, Universities and designers.

Reading between the lines of the Corriere, we find the names of companies which for many years have been spreading the ideas of company philosophy and this makes us feel good and proves to us that we are heading in the right direction.

So Congratulations to:

Kristalia, a society which hosts jazz evenings at Club Kristalia and the presentation of books in their design and furnishing factory.

Fazioli, a producer of internationally famous pianos which are known as “The Ferrari of Pianos”, has created their own Concert Hall with 250 seats.

Nonino, a famous distillery, has assigned a prize for literature for the last 42 editions which is recognised world-wide.

Calligaris, well-known in the furnishing sector, has collaborated with the Turin Book Fair and Moroso works actively with museums both in Italy and abroad.

Each of these incredible societies has decided to go beyond mere production and to embrace people with ideas, styles and different cultures in order to enrich a territory which today is so much more than just an industrial and productive area.

It’s a true ecosystem and we are really pleased with the results and the attention they are receiving, an example for many other companies, both large and small.


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