How can you recognise the expert who will transform your project into the house of your dreams?

When you want to plan your dream living room it is essential that you can tell the difference between someone who can really help you and someone who will lead you in the wrong direction (only making you waste precious time).

For this reason you should pay great attention to the professional figures you rely on.

But how can you recognise the expert who will make your desires become reality at just one glance?

Even if goes against your best interest, one of the first things you should consider is whether he or she is willing to comply with any request you may or may not have.

Because an expert is someone who will help you achieve the best designer project Made in Meda, even if this means not complying with the customer’s demands if, according to him, it’s not the ideal solution.

This doesn’t mean that he or she must automatically say no to all your suggestions but the expert must be able to trace a line between that which will help you reach your goal and that which may risk ruining your entire project.

Ask for your furnishing consultation with one of BertO’s interior designers

In BertO it is essential that all our experts and consultants correspond to this profile, whether they are interior decorators or master upholsterers, the best minds and hands of Made in Meda.

The BertO team is your reference point for furnishing your home, right from the moment you choose the item of furniture and for the years to come.

The BertO consultant will be the first person you will contact to enhance your project, solve your problems and to even project your future homes, whether for your holidays or for your children.

Recognise your BertO furnishing consultant because he will always be there for you. Our direct distribution means that right from the choice of the sofa, the delivery and the post sale service, BertO will be your only reference point without passing through any intermediary, contrary to what happens when you buy from a retailer (who sells objects produced by someone else and in the event of problems the responsibility is no longer in his hands) or even worse when you buy from large distributors where often your purchase doesn’t come up to expectations.

Would you like to meet one of BertO’s interior designers to realise the living room of your dreams?.
Ask now for your personalised consultation with one BertO’s interior designers.

Ask now for your personal consultation and create your own furnishing project with one of BertO’s Made in Meda interior designers

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