Interview with Diego Paccagnella of Design-Apart.

We have already shared our excitement for the adventure and the opportunity to be in New York this fall, along with other Italian artisan companies, thanks to the Design -Apart project.

Today, however, we would like to introduce a special person: Diego Paccagnella, from Design-Apart. (In partnership with – Stefano Micelli.)

Diego was with us recently, so we took the opportunity to ask him some questions 🙂

Berto Salotti – Diego, what brings you to Meda, you were just in New York?

Diego Paccagnella from Design-ApartDiego Paccagnella – I’m here in Meda along with the Berto design team to discuss the best way to promote their products in the New York loft that we found last May, which will open this October.

BS – Young people often ask how to become designers. So, we’ll ask you the same question: how did you become Paccagnella Diego the designer?

DP – The point where I am today is the result of a journey that began during my undergraduate studies in London. There I learned that the first thing a young person must understand is where his or her talent lies then invest in activities that develop it to the fullest. For me, the experience of living abroad exposed me to my hidden potential and my limits; from there I was able to build a career. It was not an easy path, but when your work coincides with your passion, the sacrifices and hardships you encounter become your allies in fine-tuning your skills and in consolidating your ideas. The tenacity that I always have put in my work, I have found in the artisans of today, not surprisingly, they have become the central characters of Design -Apart.

BS – Why did you invent the “living showroom”? What’s wrong with the traditional showroom?

DP – The traditional showroom is not able to represent Italian talent. Today there are large gaps between the emotional experience and the energy that is perceived by visiting a company, the atmosphere of the traditional showroom is often cold and impersonal.
We need more emotional space, able to offer our customers not only an aesthetic experience of the products but a true immersion in Italian culture.
The living showroom allows customers to become familiar with; our designs, the places and the people who have created the products and to interact with its history. Last but not least, to understand not only the aesthetic value of the design but all of its hidden qualities. Today this constitutes the true difference between original products and quality rather than mere copies.
The made in Italy label does not need a coated and artificial communication (like most of today’s communications) because it has real content to express. For this reason, we thought of creating “a living space.” What could be simpler than that? The Living Showroom does not want to detract attention in any way from the product and its story.

BS – In just a few weeks, you and your family will be moving into the “living showroom.” Will living in the apartment that is open to the public create the “Big Brother” effect?

DP – First, we are very well organized, the apartment is large and truly magnificent, the idea will be to concentrate the activities (of Design-Apart) in specific times during the week. The space will be somewhere between a working and living space, with careful attention given to managing the day’s events. The apartment amply provides for personal family space while at the same time will be in every sense a showroom.
Moreover, we already live with the idea of the “living showroom” in our daily lives: our home is often used for work with social aspects overlapping with private gatherings.
There is, however, substantial difference between the “living showroom” and big brother. Big Brother highlights the lives of others for all to observe, sometimes even to spy on. In our case, however, the objective is to involve people in the “life” of the space. The use of the furniture, the activities within the apartment; in collaboration with the manufacturing companies represented, the designers and the artisans (part of the project) all of whom have the sole purpose of enhancing the traditional experience of the common showroom. The Living Showroom and our life in it will only be the vehicle of an unprecedented experience in communication of what is, “Italian design and craftsmanship” other than “custom made.”

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