World Wide Rome: the revolution of Makers. Can Italy return as a protagonist?

The director of Wired U.S. and author of The Long Tail and Free, guru Chris Anderson declared that Italy could become the home of Makers.

As seen in this tweet by Riccardo Luna, author among other things, wrote an excellent article yesteday, on this very argument.

He had just spoke to Chris Anderson who was embarking for Rome: where today Friday March 9th the event World Wide Rome takes place and is dedicated to all “makers…”

“…those who take charge of their professional lives, leave the manual behind

and move toward the know-how.”

 We feel very close to the movement of “makers”, as we have said in this post, and for this type of sensitivity at the next Salone del Mobile we run, with Stefano Micelli and Stefano Maffei, an innovative and experimental project, called AnalogicoDigitale (Digital Analog).

We want to join Chris Anderson and the revolution of the “makers” but we want to do it in Brianza!

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