Our world has changed but Florindo Cereda and all Confartigianato upholsterers will take care of vanessa4newcraft!

Florindo Cereda is the national president of Confartigianato Upholsterers.

Florindo Cereda’s commitment is not really simple, but he is facing all problems concerning our category and the challenges of the recent years. He is an enthusiastic man and is able to represent our tradition and innovation. We invited him to be part of the project vanessa4newcraft together with Confartigianato Imprese for our crowdcrafting Tuesday at the New Craft Exhibition.

Before attending this event we asked him some questions.

vanessa4newcraft con florindo cereda

It has been a long story with the upholsterers’ category. What are the most important changes you have noticed during these years?

Let’s say that the world has deeply changed, not only in our way of working: we used to produce classical models with different types of springs in the padding and trimming was everywhere.

Then the first “industrial revolution” has come and the modern style strongly influenced our way of producing sofas: everything has become much easier for us as we have been working with classical models for many years. At first we were surprised about this new way of working but then we realized something special was happening right in front of us: we were entering in the design area.

Our work seemed to be simpler than before as there was need for strange and complicated mechanisms but immediately one thing was clear: we had to work in a different way, in a revolutionary way.

Some years ago we worked together for divanoxmanagua. It was a great experience and we shared it with some young upholsterer. What is your consideration about these new generations?

I am deeply concerned about it. We have to look forward but at the same time we cannot forget our tradition. The world is going fast, the modern design and technologies are part of our lives but we are not prepared for all these changes. The “old generation” is working harder and harder but there are few young upholsterers who really want to face this challenge. We have ability and tradition and that is the reason why we must find a new balance in our working way. Otherwise everything is supposed to finish within few years.

On 7th June we are working together for our armchair vanessa4newcraft. Tradition and innovation will be mixed in this day. What are your expectations about it?

I am really excited about this project: for a moment you can forget your tradition and work with new projects and new technologies. For all our upholsterers it will be a great opportunity to find out a new way of approaching their job: they can look at their working future in a different way. Our aim is to preserve the beauty for what we do and transmit our enthusiasm to the next generations.

Thank you President. See you on Tuesday in Milan!

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