The buttons on vanessa4newcraft: 3D jewelry made by .exnovo!

How could our armchair vanessa4newcraft be so special?
Immediately an idea came into our mind: .exnovo! We have already worked with .exnovo in America for our project Design-Apart and together with Fabio Ciciani, Sales Director by .exnovo, we have discussed about this new cooperation for the exhibition New Craft.
Soon after our meeting a great amount of interesting ideas was on our table. We are looking forward on Tuesday!

In the meantime we have talked with Giulia Favaretto, Marketing Responsible by .exnovo, trying to discover some news about the piece of jewelry they have thought for our project vanessa4newcraft.
vanessa4newcraft berto con exnovo stampa 3d

You are here at New Craft and we will be together during this event. Can you tell us what this means to you?

We are proud of being at the exhibition New Craft with you. That will be the right occasion for sharing our ideas about “New Craft”, this new artisan world and way of producing.
We share all values of this exhibition as it represents our approach to the new working mood.
Exnovo is able to combine innovation technologies, 3D printing and artisan work to realize incredible lighting products which become immediately unique and desirable.
Some years ago we worked together on Design-apart project and that was a starting point for a strong cooperation between us. And now we are going to do it again for vanessa4newcraft!
It is always a great chance for us when we have the possibility of working with partners who deeply believe in our Made in Italy values, in our capacity of creation and innovation. They are the best testimonials around the world.

From the American project Design-apart to vanessa4newcraft. What are your expectations about this new challenge?

Innovation is a daily mission for us: we are happy to get in touch with different technologies and ideas, we are ready to find out new ways of working and compare ourselves to different values and opinions.
Vanessa4newcraft represents our latest challenge and we are really looking forward to share this crowdcrafting day with you: that will be an extremely important day for cooperation and partnership.
We are happy you decided to give yourselves a challenge. We will work together on this new project!

Thank you Giulia!

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