The professor who learns from the new generation of upholsterers: as seen in workshop #5 of the #divanoXmanagua

By now you should know everything about #divanoXmanagua, the crowd crafting project of building a sofa together; in part to demonstrate to young people that global success is within arm’s reach (literally), and secondly, to help our partners Terre des Hommes Italy to build a school for young Carpenters in Managua, Nicaragua.

The events of the 5th workshop are summarized in a single video, but to sum it up in one sentence:

We saw a young upholsterer (in this case a future craftsmen) give instructions of how to make the capitonnè (a quilted finish) … a professor of Italian.

In the photos below and in Storify, the videos of the workshops, you can see the protagonists of this small but important history.

Meanwhile, we will be waiting for you on April 11th, at the Design Week in Milan, for a full day workshop of the #divanoXmanagua.

We will finish the sofa, have the opportunity to meet distinguished individuals , we will discuss online and face to face, and finally we will celebrate with a photo session on the finally finished sofa, the #divanoXmanagua.

For those unable to attend the event, everything will be broadcast live on the net, with video streaming and live on Twitter with the hashtag #divanoXmanagua, as always.

Check here for more information and the schedule for the day.

Here for the event on Facebook.

And, here for the official web-page of the project #divanoXmanagua.

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