Three hundred and six hands. One vanessa4newcraft.

7th June 2016: an unforgettable day!

7.00am meeting by BertO: we gather all tools, put them into the van and drive towards Milan. KingFlavio and Filippo Berto are present.

7.52am: the first one is already there, at the Fabbrica del Vapore. Carlo Alberto is about to enter the exhibition and try to get the feeling of the coming day.

8.24am: KingFlavio and Filippo Berto enter into the Cathedral where the exhibition New Craft is taking place. Sara is waiting for them. They sit at the central table and are looking forward to begin with the first test.: prepare the strings again and again, unroll the denim and roll it, test the compressor with an available a socket and turn off the compressor.

Soon after the videomakers, Mariann and Valentina join us together with Bruno Rho and Pietro Virzi. We could not immediately realize what was going to happen inside this place and around this working table. But thanks to all of them we could get to the end of the project.

6.00pm the magic: an important step towards our aim; five people working together on the armchair, the crowd around them: all of us are curious and nervous about the result. We do not give up. We do not give up right now. We are almost there.

It is Stefano Micelli’s turn: following Giorgio Berto’s advices he sets the feet and fix them to the armchair. Fast working minutes. We are sure of our job.

Finally, here it is. It is right in front of us: it is our vanessa4newcraft!

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