vanessa4newcraft: have a look at our crowdcrafting day!

-1 day left to vanessa4newcraft: our crowdcrafting day is about to happen!

vanessa4newcraft - crowdcrafting aperto al pubblico a Milano

A brief introduction to the coming day:

The event is taking place tomorrow, 7th June, at the exhibition New Craft – @ Fabbrica del Vapore – Via Procaccini 4 – Milan

From 10.30am to 6.30pm open crowdcrafting day.

Morning session: preparation of templates, cutting of Denim Rock Me Air 12.5 One by Berto Industria Tessile and realization of the seat for our armchair. KingFlavio and all BertO upholsterers will manage the activities.

Afternoon session: capitonnè finishing (Florindo Cereda and all Confartigianato upholsterers will take care of this part) combined with the modern digital technologies: 3D printing buttons applied by .exnovo.

Vanessa4newcraft is going to be ready at 6.30pm: you will see the great result of this working day! That is the meaning of crowdcrafting: create together with people, with artisans, designers, architects, friends like Pietro Virzi and CITA Association and with the ones who would like to take part to this project.

At 7.00pm craft beer party together with all crowdcrafters.

The exhibition New Craft will be opened until 8.30pm but you have the possibility to see our vanessa4craft until 12th September 2016.

We are looking forward to hear the sounds of our tools: compressor, hammers, nails and the soft noise of the denim.

We wait for you!

Here our event on Facebook

For more infos send an email to or dial the number +39-0362-333082

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