What a frame, #divanoXmanagua! Too bad it’s wrong.


On Wednesday February 13th, at 18:00 the second workshop of #divanoXmanagua will take place: we are coming together for a second time after having decided the most important features of the sofa, we agreed: it  must be large in size, incorporate the highest level of craftsmanship, appeal to an international clientele and be modern in design.  This is an important piece!

The work will resume in our laboratory, beginning with the solid wood frame, we began to prepare a structure but something went … wrong.

We didn’t do it on purpose, of course!

So, this Wednesday we must start again, having learned from our mistakes.

Especially if, the goals of our meetings are to work like highly skilled craftsman and  to produce a product of innovative design.

We invite you to participate in the two-hour workshop on February 13th in Meda, on Via Consorziale dei Boschi, 21, at 18:00.   You can follow  the event on Facebook and here at the official website of the event. We look forward to seeing you!

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