Bed Chelsea. You dream to awaken at the Chelsea Hotel, of course.

We love music, literature and….passions, and we have decided to honor an iconic place like the Chelsea Hotel in New York with a name for a product out of our collection.

We refer to the New York of the CBGB’S and the Ramones, to the Seventies with Andy Warhol and Nico, to the myths like Dylan Thomas and the punk icons like Johnny Thunders, Sid Vicious, Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith (this could be a longer list if we included all famous residents living at 223 W 23 Street in those rooms with a typical style of end ‘800): all these people did not put the rest at the top of their priorities but they lived their passions to the fullest and left an important impact on our lives.

That is exactly the way we are trying to live, “life is now”: we are so passionate about upholstery and tradition of our territory, about the story of the Berto family, about the beauty of the things you can just describe but not see. All this is really our soundtrack.
We like to notice that there are similar things even in seemingly different worlds.

Without daring improper comparisons but just using a virtual jump from the Big Apple to our Brianza, we can say that we also do things following our passions to the fullest: from the production of unique products to satisfy the most demanding customers up to the experience of #BertoLive in our showrooms.

Is it about design? Is it about the chromatic choice for our fabrics? Or is it about the materials we use that you can immediately see even before touching them?

We have displayed the bed Chelsea with high feet in our showroom and we have immediately noticed the effect it produces: it draws the attention in a quiet but indisputable way; it is like the presence of some rock stars: they are able to move the air in a room just by entering it.

The character of the bed Chelsea has been actually defined as “a stage presence”.

Its structure, its realization and finishing are surely not afraid of the spotlights, indeed!

The closer you get to the bed, the more you understand the secrets of its magnetic charm: it derives from within.

The high hand-turned feet put the balance of the shapes “on stage” and match the comfortable headboard provided with a smooth quilted cushion.

The bed base is perfectly connected to the headboard through geometrical shapes – it feels like certain solos that begin, they make you dream and bring you softly back at the beginning – and is with gorgeous fabric or leather covers available.

The Nabuk belts, a clear and distinctive style mark, “hold” the cushion in a firm way: a gentle invitation to reading, to reflection and dream…even before going to sleep.

The most beautiful places – we all know it – are the ones related to dreams, to memories and myths.

And is there any better way to recall a presence than a very comfortable bed with a name that inspired so many generations of artists?

Dial our number +39-0362-333082 or send us an email to

We are at your complete disposal to turn your bedroom into a myth!

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