Behind every sofa there’s a great mind. Or rather two (who also know how to use their hands).

Among the enormous number of talented designers for which Italy is renowned, we are convinced that the union between societies and these professional figures is not totally casual.

Maybe it’s magic but it also requires special attention because it is one of the essential ingredients which determine the success or failure of a project.

In our case, this magic union occurred several years ago with a young but extremely expert Italian design studio. Brianzolo to be exact.

We are talking about Castello Lagravinese Studio, and particularly about Alessandro Castello and Mariantonietta Lagravinese.

Lit Chelsea sur mesure berto salotti

Together with them we have designed the last seven collections. With them we have also created the Time Break modular sofa, the Soho bed, right up to the most recent models presented in the 2018 Collection.
They were with us during the crowdcrafting projects and it was with them that we opened our first beer in the BertoLive living room in Meda.

Together we thought about the importance of our clients’ experience in our sales outlets and together we opened the Berto Salotti showrooms in Meda, Rome,  Turin and Padova.

Again with them we created small, simple photographs of our products right up to the completeBertO 2018 Catalogue.

And it was to them that we entrusted the most difficult and complex task, that of dialogue.
Yes, because in our society the creative process is involved in every single phase: the initial design on paper, the first prototype, the choice of materials, the continual, careful  revision of the padding and comfort, the start of production, the communication and, finally, the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing the finished models in our clients’ homes.

Once again, dialogue and communication.
Because if there is one thing in which Alessandro Castello is particularly skilled, other than understanding exactly our clients’ tastes and creating products which are in harmony with the ideals of  BertO Sartorial Upholstery, it is this, knowing just what to do and how to proceed.

He doesn’t limit himself to just the design on paper but, together with Mariantonietta Lagravinese, he follows the entire creative process, talking constantly with everyone concerned (particularly the COMMITEE members) right up to the final presentation of each model in our showrooms and in our clients’ homes. Together we have decided to create a path of action where we will try to interpret certain signals, play with them and try to imagine the homes of the future.

Stay Tuned

Alessando Castello e Mariantonietta Lagravinese art director BertO Castello Lagravinese Studio design berto salotti

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