Here’s how to create a Dream Design project for your living room around Dee Dee

Even living under the same roof, it’s not always easy to have your family close by.

Everyday life often sees us scattered around the various rooms of the house and it is not easy to cross paths, except in passing.

Some people stay locked in their studies to work, others in their rooms to study or play with friends.
And then there are those who work outside the home and only return at the end of the day.

Everyone spends their time where they feel most comfortable or where they need to.

Dee Dee sofa New BertO Collection 2022

Can it be that there is no space in your home where you can get together with loved ones or friends?
When you think about it: yes, there is.

The living room is the part of the house which serves the function of bringing together our nearest and dearest.

We all get together in the evening to watch TV or sit with visiting friends and relatives.

Just as the living room is the most important room for welcoming, the sofa is definitely the star of your living room, and they complement each other.

But it’s not enough to have a beautiful designer sofa to have your loved ones close by, the living room must also be a pleasant and harmonious environment that invites you to spend as much time there as possible.

Room with new Dee Dee sofa seen from above

Certainly not an easy thing to achieve; if you want to have a living room that represents you and is personalised to your needs, you can’t just throw in random objects. You would achieve the opposite effect and nobody would enjoy spending their free time in a room that is neither beautiful nor functional.

Extreme care is needed in the choice of accessories and their combination if you want to achieve a result that fully satisfies you and is appreciated by your family and friends.

Our advice is to rely on an experienced professional to understand your needs and translate them into reality.

With the help of a BertO interior designer, you can design your exclusive living room based on your taste and the available space to realise your dream home for you and your family.

All of this starts with the choice of sofa.

New Dee Dee Sofa BertO Collection 2022

If, for example, for your Dream Design project you have chosen Dee Dee, you should know that you have an infinite number of possibilities to use the fittings, finishes and natural lightness of this model to give your living room a contemporary and extremely sophisticated look.

You will certainly not have missed a detail that can make your Dee Dee unique: the strap that wraps around the armrest.
A special feature you can only find on this sofa.

The strap is not just a bespoke detail made from the most exclusive leathers and nubuck in the collection, but rather that decorative element that ‘signs‘ your sofa with a uniqueness that distinguishes it from any other, and allows it to be combined with all the accessories of the BertO Collections to achieve living rooms that are unique in their versatility.

Not only that, Dee Dee‘s high degree of modularity makes it a sofa that can adapt to any design requirement, making any room exclusive. Thanks to the multiple seating combinations you can design the space to achieve unique effects in the look and comfort of your home.

Circus and Riff side tables with Deep Gray marble tops - New BertO Collection 2022

In this Dream Design project, we complemented Dee Dee with an island for reception and conviviality consisting of a Circus table and a square Riff.

We could have combined it with a single table, but the refinement of the overlapping contours is an exclusive design play that will not escape the more attentive eye.

What’s more, for a further touch of uniqueness, you can think of combining a square Riff and a King serving table, again with exclusive marble tops, but lighter in colour, to achieve an extremely modern effect and emphasise the prestigious character of your new Made in Meda living room.

Patti Dark Oil Armchair - New BertO 2022 Collection

So could you imagine a living room without an armchair?
The armchair is no longer just an unnoticed accessory if you choose the right armchair for your project.

This living space is also rendered exclusive by the inclusion of the Patti armchair. Already a style icon in itself with its Canaletto walnut frame, here Patti is presented in a version finished in Dark Oil: an exclusive stain that highlights the natural grain of the wood.

Patti could easily break out on its own as a true star, but we chose to maintain the dialogue between the complements by matching it in the choice of leather.

Ian bookcase with shelf in Deep Gray - New BertO Collection 2022

The Ian bookcase with its aerial interplay of transparency and depth accompanies this design to divide your space with great prestige.
In this room, for example, the elegance of marble is also expressed in the veining of the tops of the Circus and Riff coffee tables in the Deep Gray version, an exclusive new addition to the New BertO 2022 Collection.

Finally, the rug defines the contours of this Dream Design project.

If you would like to find out how to create your Dream Design living room, request your confidential consultation now by clicking in the box below!

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