How to choose the perfect occasional table to complete your Dream Design living room by BertO

Is there anything worse than when you invite friends over and you can’t make them feel comfortable?

Realising that the furniture is not as functional as you thought, just when you need it, is one of those most uncomfortable situations.
For the host, but also for your guests.

Imagine inviting friends over for coffee. You are comfortably seated on your sofa and engaged in a pleasant chat: can you imagine letting them have the awkward feeling of not knowing where to put their cup?

It happens when the living room lacks elegance and functionality in its details or when accessories have been placed without considering the whole from the outset. This is because they were acquired without a plan, or the advice of those who should have given it was lacking.

The biggest mistake is to think that you can furnish a house without considering all those aspects that together make up a truly unique room. Such as the arrangement of spaces, light, and the presence of other furnishings.

Do you think that buying and randomly placing a simple coffee table makes your living room more functional for welcoming your guests?
Nothing could be further from the truth!

In our many years of experience at BertO, we have realised that what drives clients to want to reorganise their spaces and furnish their homes according to their needs is the desire for modern living that meets their requirements.

The organisation of rooms, the arrangement of furniture, and the functionality of accessories that complement everyday life in all its forms become a priority to be fulfilled with functional and sophisticated designs.

In this post, we want to advise you on how to make your living room the elegant and harmonious space in which your guests will want to spend pleasant moments.

Also thanks to the choice of an accessory that is very often put in the background: the occasional table.

Living room with Time Break corner sofa - BertO

But let’s proceed step by step…

If you have already started furnishing your home with your new BertO designer sofa, you have already chosen the best for your living room and are well on your way.

You know that the star of every living room is the sofa and it is normal to think of that before everything else.
Just like you did!

But don’t fall into a very common mistake: that of thinking about buying the sofa you like at that moment and nothing else.

The idea that you can take time to add other useful additions, such as a coffee table, is wrong.
And it might lead you to be dissatisfied with the result you get.

Island of Riff side tables, Marinace Black and Circus green lacquered - BertO

Today, coffee tables have become unique and functional design accessories in creating original and exclusive Dream Design projects.

If combined differently with your sofa, they can create surprising settings, influence the success of your final design, and make you truly happy with your new living room or, on the contrary, deeply disappointed.

To match the right coffee table to the sofa, several factors must be taken into account from the outset, such as the space in your home, the use you want to make of the coffee table, and last but not least the combination of colours and materials.

Square, round, versatile in size and finished with exclusive tops such as Marinace Black and Deep Gray from the New Collection, they create truly sophisticated settings.
It is right to consider all these details at the same time, in an overall design.

Here are two examples to show you how the right coffee table to match your sofa can turn your living room into the room you have always dreamt of.

Living room with Time Break corner sofa, Patti armchair, Ian bookcase, Riff and Stage side tables - BertO

In this first Dream Design project, the BertO interior designer has combined the new exclusive corner model of the Time Break sofa with the Stage coffee table in the new version with Deep Gray marble top.

The interior designer chose to place Stage in front of the sofa to elegantly follow its angular shape, while placing a Riff table to the side. The exclusive choice of the same top recalls the shelves of the Ian bookcase.

A further elegant effect is provided by the colour play of the cushions.

Living room with island of Riff tables in Mariace Black and Marquinia marble - BertO

In this second Dream Design project, the BertO interior designer has conceived the superimposition of two square Riff tables – one in Marinace Black marble and one in Marquinia marble – to create a functional and attractive welcoming island, elegantly styled in the new corner module of the Tommy sofa.

He could have used only one table, but the refinement of the overlapping contours is an exclusive design play that will not escape the most attentive eye.

The design is completed with the King serving table in Marinace Black marble for an elegant surface that allows you to have everything at hand while comfortably seated on your sofa, and the Circus in Marquinia marble positioned to the side of the sofa.

Moodboard interior with Tommy modular sofa - BertO

By relying on the expert advice of a BertO interior designer, you can decide whether you want a sophisticated, elegant, modern or contemporary look for your home, simply by choosing together with him the coffee tables to include in your Dream Design project, and how to position them in relation to your BertO sofa.

The balance of shapes and textures is the natural combination to create a unique, sophisticated and impeccably tasteful ambience that will enhance your modern living space.

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