Loro Piana Interiors: the best selection of cashmere, wool and natural fibres now in the BertO Fabric Collection.

When you think of cashmere, of its softness, its warmth and the beauty of natural fibres carefully selected to create high quality products, and, above all, of excellence in Italy, there is no doubt you can only be referring to the Loro Piana brand.

We are therefore pleased to announce that theBertO Fabric Collection has expanded and, season by season, offers new fabrics.
Some of the latest novelties include a refined selection from internationally known brand names.

The division Loro PianaInteriors is one of these.

Tessuti Loro Piana Interiors per imbottiti collezione tessile berto

Loro Piana Interiors is a line of upholstery fabric specially created for those who recognise the quality of the Loro Piana brand and of the items of clothing they produce.
With the INTERIORS division, the society proposes a collection of fabric created to enhance living areas with the same elegance with which they dress themselves. 

The history of this society is the story of a family from Trivero in Piedmont, a family that, right from the beginning of the nineteenth century, has dealt in the commerce of woollen cloth. With the start of industrialisation, they founded Lanificio F.lli Lora and Company which was followed, in the early years of 1900, by Lanificio di Quarona di Zignone & C.

The present society was founded on 4thApril 1924 by Pietro Loro Piana who, as a strong supporter of technical innovation, left the original company to found “Ing. Loro Piana & C.” a new society which would look towards the future.

During the 70s the society concentrated on the production of fabrics in cashmere, vicuña and extra fine wools as well as cotton, linen and silk with a selection of over 600 fabrics specially created for covering upholstered furniture, for curtains and decorative items.

In 2007 the fabrics for the furnishing sector were featured in the Loro Piana Interiors division. All the fabrics were produced in Italy with high quality materials bought from their country of origin and worked in Italy where they underwent strict controls throughout the entire production process while retaining their original softness, lightness and comfort.

The Interiors Fabric Collection pays great attention to coordinating the various proposals mixing textures, designs and colours in order to satisfy each client’s personal taste.

Every model in the BertO Collection can be personalised and Interiors fabrics completely satisfy our needs and those of our clients.
Each piece of furniture can be upholstered in colours and designs chosen by the client and throws, blankets and rugs can also be personalised for colour, size and finishes.

Collezione tessile BertO: Loro Piana Interiors

Try to imagine the comfort of a Time modular sofa pholstered in precious linen, proposed either in traditional dark blue indigo or natural tones.

Or the comfort of a Hanna armchair with solid wooden frame upholstered in Black Sheep wool, an exclusive fabric obtained from New Zealand merino wool taken only from the fleece of dark coloured sheep.
The warm neutral tones recall the shades of the earth ranging from dark brown to hazelnut.
The preciousness of a refined product together with a choice of colours brings to the fore the warm shade of brown, perfectly coordinated with the solid walnut base of the BertO Hanna armchair with its matt finish.

Collezione tessile berto: loro piana interiors lana e cachemire per rivestire divani e poltrone

The fabrics produced by Loro Piana Interiors are now available for upholstering the models of the BertO Collection, from sofas to armchairs, from beds to sofa beds, splendid upholstery for both town houses or holiday homes in the mountains or at the sea.

Loro Piana Interiors for your home in the mountains.

To furnish your home in the mountains, the Loro Piana Interiors fabrics express all their intrinsic value with the Cashmere Ice, Sherpas Plus, Pecora Nera® Plus and Zelander® Plus Collections: the most noble natural fibres, the softest cashmere and finest wool woven into fabric for interior decoration  giving a warm, winter effect, both in style and appearance.

The best cashmere, pure or mixed, the finishes which exalt the softness and the care taken in choosing the chromatic combinations all express the society’s code of excellence. 
Prince of Wales and pinstripes are specially created for upholstered furniture and furnishing accessories and are available in different weights and textures for upholstered furniture, curtains and decorations.

Loro Piana Interiors for the living room and bedroom in your town house.

To combine the finest cashmere and merino wool  with linen or silk means creating exclusive combinations for upholstered furniture which do not change with the seasons but which interpret them to give great comfort and elegance to every moment spent in the home, creating perfect covers for upholstered furniture and decorative accessories.

Fabrics in solid colours range from the vintage look of Loro Piana Denim Flower®, in organic Californian cotton to the flame effect of Katai bourette silk, and the soft, fluidity of Bangor, the finest linen produced with three twisted threads. And finally, Dehors, a refined treated fabric presented in neutral tones specially created for the  outdoors. Its resistance to atmospheric agents is fully guaranteed through the years.

Cuscinetti decorativi tessuti Loro Piana Interiors collezione tessile berto

For the Hospitality sector, Loro Piana Interiors has created an entire range of fabrics realised in latest generation treated fibres, all coordinated to offer a vast selection of fabrics specially designed for suites, club houses, boutiques and hotels with over 100 variations of fabrics certified and suitable for seats and curtains.

Let’s consider the raw materials used to create these splendid fabrics. Loro Piana is the main buyer both for quality and quantity on the local markets for the best quality raw materials:  Peru and Argentina for the vicuña, China and Mongolia for cashmere and baby cashmere, Australia and New Zealand for Marino wool.

Also known as Vigogna, this animal is a camelid which lives in the Andes. Since time immemorial its fleece has been used to weave clothes for kings and for this reason it has always been a protected species.
In Peru, the main market for the supply for the precious Vicuña, the society has been collaborating with the government for many years to finance an unprecedented  campaign aimed at saving the animal from extinction.
In 2013 Loro Piana continued their work to protect the vicuña in Argentina, acquiring majority shares in a society which has been granted the right to shear the vicuña which live free in an area of about 85.000 hectares.

Baby Cashmere
The fibre comes from the under-fleece of Hircus goat kids and is obtained by a delicate combing procedure which can take place only once in the goat’s life when the kid is under a year old. Each kid can produce just 30 grams of fibre of an unequalled softness.

Cashmere is the fine under-fleece which the Hircus goats develop for protection against the extreme climate of the desert areas in China and Mongolia where they live. Each goat produces only about 100-150 grams of under-fleece a year, again obtained by a delicate combing process.
The company has branches in Beijing in China and Loro Piana Mongolia Ltd. in Ulan Baatar in Mongolia, founded with the aim of monitoring the quality of the cashmere offered in the area where it originates. The society also checks the quality of all the lots of raw material before they are shipped to warehouses around the world, as well as assisting the management of the group to establish and maintain direct contact with government agencies and major operators in that part of the world.

Extra fine Merino wool
This wool is produced in Australia and New Zealand where the society has, for many years, been the largest buyer of extra fine Merino wool (less than 12 micron).

Have a chat with Maurizio, Arianna, Michele, Fabio, Cristina, Andrea, Marco and Marion and find out how to achieve your furnishing project with the BertO Fabric Collection and the exclusive fabrics produced by Loro Piana Interiors.

We will be happy to assist you in all the phases of the project and support your every decision.
Write to us at servizio.clienti@bertosalotti.it or call +39 0362-333082.

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