Is outdoor furniture really ALL THE SAME?

Round outdoor sofa John B - BertO

In the ocean of outdoor furniture options that are available on the market today, our collection stands out for a number of unique features that make it the perfect choice for those looking for quality, style, and durability.

The rounded lines, a distinctive element of our SOUNDS collection, are inspired by elements of nature that appear in soft and harmonious shapes and are never rigid or squared.

This strong reference to nature creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for enjoying outdoor spaces in all their beauty.

Pouf and outdoor tables Sounds Collection - BertO

The strongly symbolic rounded shapes chosen by our Art Directors Castello Lagravinese Studio, represent not only a question of aesthetics but are also a sign of quality and dedication to detail.

Unlike collections on the mass market, which rely on square shapes to reduce costs and simplify production, our collection requires greater attention to design and construction, with the aim of offering a superior and sophisticated experience that is typical of Made in Meda.

This approach to design translates into outdoor furniture that is not only beautiful to look at but is also functional and comfortable.
The rounded shapes of the furnishings follow the natural curves of the body, ensuring optimal comfort during use.

BertO Garden Lounge

The choice of rounded shapes is not only a question of aesthetics but is also a sign of quality and dedication to detail.

Furthermore, the soft lines integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment, creating a visual harmony that enhances the beauty of the outdoor spaces.

Another aspect that differentiates our collection from others is our attention to the quality of materials and to sustainability.
We choose only the best materials, guaranteeing durability, resistance to atmospheric agents, clear guidance on their correct use, and reduced environmental impact.

In this way, we offer a high-quality product that respects our planet and guarantees a lasting investment over time. Our collection is also distinguished by the attention to customer service and the guarantees offered.

CJ table and Jackie chair in steel SOUNDS collection by berto outdoor furniture

Thanks to this philosophy, our customers can be sure of making a quality choice, with a team of experts that is always available to ensure their satisfaction.

Choosing our collection means investing in a high-level product that enhances your outdoor spaces and offers you and your guests a unique experience of outdoor relaxation and well-being for many years to come.

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