BertO fabrics created around the SOUNDS COLLECTION

Have you ever wondered how fabrics are chosen when a new collection is born?
In this post we explain how the fabrics around the SOUNDS by BertO Outdoor Collection are born.

Every time a new sofa is designed, a dedicated textile collection is born in parallel with it.

This is because not all fabrics are suitable for all sofas. This applies to the indoors as much as the outdoors.
To give a cushion a soft effect, for example, you need fabrics that can contain that specific volume and enhance the shape.

A fabric may be too thin and thus let go and not give the right support to the upholstery, or it may be too stiff and thus reduce the comfort of the seat; or it may be too soft and thus give a crumpled effect, not intended in the original design.

“I was undecided on the choice of combinations between the various elements, but the BertO consultants were able to advise me with kindness and attention, to find the right solution for me.”

Outdoor fabrics - Outdoor Sounds BertO collection

We have always followed the rule that not all fabrics are suitable for all sofas – and we had to apply it to our outdoor collection as well.

This led us to carry out meticulous research among the textile offerings, which naturally require a whole series of specific characteristics to make them suitable for outdoor use. We started with the all-important weather resistance to arrive at an incredibly elegant appearance, allowing them to be used indoors too, without giving the impression that they are outdoor fabrics.

The plastic effect you get from most outdoor sofas is the exact opposite of what we have imagined and created for your outdoor area. And so, for this outdoor collection of ours, we offer you specific fabrics to accompany the design we wanted for each individual piece.

Brian sofa outdoor fabrics - Outdoor Sounds BertO collection

The colours of our fabrics are created directly in the weaving mill, under the guidance of our Art Directors, Castello Lagravinese Studio, resulting in fabrics that are perfectly matched to the BertO colour palette.

This colour palette binds together all the fabrics, weaves and thread colours that are designed to be perfectly coordinated with all the materials in the outdoor collection.

This attention to detail allows you to enjoy have continuity in your outdoor furniture, and also to link your indoor and outdoor environments, giving elegance and prominence to your home and the design pieces you have chosen to furnish it.

As you know, we at BertO always put our relationship with the customer first. In this communication, we realised that very often, one of the most appreciated aspects of the support that our consultants give during the purchase phase, was assistance in choosing the combination: fabrics that are designed to match, and an expert person who can guide you, gives you the guarantee of the end result you desire.



Garden lounge: Brian sofa, Caroline armchair, Carl coffee tables and Bruce pouf

Let’s start with the sofa, the Brian model, the beating heart that starts to give life to your entire environment. A very decisive structure in its shapes and volumes, made of black embossed steel, combined with a fabric from the new BertO Outdoor Textile Collection that immediately gives this piece character.

We have matched the Brian sofa with other seats such as the Caroline armchairs, Carl coffee tables and Bruce ottomans in an ever-increasing play of enhancement: a perfectly coordinated look is created by choosing fabrics in exclusive colours and precious materials selected from the best available for outdoor use. The shades range from lava stone grey to powder grey, with flashes of colour including the BertO colour par excellence – teal – and
lime green.

Garden dining area: CJ table and Jackie chairs

We conclude this strong and decisive ambience with CJ, the table in pure lava stone that completes the picture of your contemporary outdoor area.

Is your style more fresh?

Colour can add character to your outdoor space.

The steel structures in the Sounds collection are designed to allow colour to flow through them and bring them to life.

Link your furniture to nature with the colours of the BertO Collection: from teal and lime, also available to decorate steel structures, to fabrics in a wide range of original colours, in a succession of natural and design elements that bring your space to life.

Ask now for your personal consultation and create your own furnishing project with one of BertO’s Made in Meda interior designers

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