Please, get comfortable.

“Conversations on the couch” reads one of the categories of our new blog site, “Bertostory” and that’s what we are going to do, converse with you as if we were sitting on the sofa.  So please have a seat.  The picture is of our sofa called Madison.

Are you comfortable?

We could discuss the benefits of choosing one brand over another, your needs as a valued client or our philosophy about being small artisans.  Or perhaps, your company is interested in selling our brand.  Our new blog site is called: “Bertostory” because we are proud of our history and we are very interested in yours.

Berto Salotti has been online since 2005, but today, Monday, November 21, 2011 is a bit like the first day.  We want to share our new logo, a new communications strategy, a brand new blog site, which replaces “bertoblog travel notes” and much more.

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