The new Berto Salotti marketing strategy: “#Whyberto”

The new communications strategy of Berto Salotti, is designed just as their high quality sofas, armchairs, container and sofa beds, by hand.  Or should we say, with a hands on approach.

In 2012 we will continue to post our video clips, “#whyberto”, to introduce not only our products but our way of thinking and working.  The commitment, patience and knowledge of our craftsmen has made the furniture makers of Brianza world famous, for this reason we want to put in the spotlight the knowing hands of our dedicated craftsmen who hold the secrets of the; capitonné sofa, the quality of our container beds and mattresses, and the true construction methods of our sofas.

We want the world to know the reasons for Berto’s undeniable quality, so we have decided with the power of social networking to tell you the truth about our merchandise, the materials we use and the skill involved to produce high quality sofas, armchairs, container beds and sofa beds.

We will regularly post step by step videos carefully following the work of our craftsmen to illustrate the attention and care they use to make our products, not only beautiful but durable and long lasting.
#whyberto is the marketing name of our new video clips.
#whyberto are our artisans talking about their commitment to their craft.
#whyberto  are artisans discussing about the reasons for choosing an ottoman or a sofa.

We invite you to make comments and suggestions, so that we may add to the number of good  reasons to choose Berto Salotti.
We thank you, in advance, for joining us for a few steps or a longer stretch of the road.

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