How to furnish a house by the sea: the BertO project for an exclusive home-in Puglia

We have designed – with the collaboration of Castello Lagravinese Studio – and created the furniture for a very special beach house, in a beautiful residential area of Bari, just a few steps from the sea.

Furnishing a house by the sea is a theme that can be applied to several specific situations and which undoubtedly takes into account two major distinctions: a holiday home and one’s own home.

In both cases – and we will never get tired of saying it – furnishing a new home (whether it’s your first or second) must always start from a design.

Therefore, whether it’s an apartment or a villa with a garden, a relaxed atmosphere and comfort are the basis of the design of the rooms.

The design challenge: how the design of the rooms for a beach house is born

We met the owners of a beautiful private residence in Bari, a few steps from the sea. They visited the Berto showroom in Meda after a brief but essential chat on the phone.

We immediately tried to understand the real needs and the greatest desire they had in carrying out the project for their home, especially regarding the living area.

Their priority right from the start was to obtain a sophisticated, elegant project that expressed their strong personality, paying special attention to comfort.

The living area, according to the plan, has a rectangular shape with exposure on three sides.

In the centre there is a large fireplace that uniquely and directly emphasises the pleasure of living in a relaxed, intimate and comfortable atmosphere in the heat of the fire and – at the same time – smelling the aroma of the sea a few metres away.

Therefore, to create a design that made our customers feel pampered by comfort and design, we suggested that they define three areas that responded to specific needs: recreation, relaxation and conviviality.

The choice of furnishings for a beach house

Given the particular layout of the environment and the special exposure to natural light, we were able to select materials and fabrics that filled the environment with warmth and contrasting combinations.

The leisure area

For the relaxation area, right next to the window and directed towards a part with a TV covered with wallpaper, we have created a special edition of the Dee Dee Home Cinema single-seat sofa.

The peculiarity of this sofa is precisely that of guaranteeing enveloping comfort combined with a very deep seat that almost allows you to lie down.

The upholstery – a loden green Giglio fabric from the BertO Collection – is combined with the forest-themed wallpaper.

Next to the sofa, there is a Circus coffee table with top in Carrara marble.

To contrast this, the buttoned Joy model pouf in leather was placed in front of the sofa, combined with the Hanna armchair in gold velvet.

The relaxation area

The relaxation area is located exactly in the centre of the room and revolves entirely around a beautiful black marble fireplace.

The choice of the sofa fully reflected the desire to gather around the heat.

This need seemingly suggested the use of a linear sofa precisely to allow a seat in front of the fireplace.

The new Time Break seating system by BertO features end pieces with special angles that invent a new possibility of conversing, speaking, looking into each other’s eyes while maintaining a correct sitting pose and a linear arrangement of the sofa.

This solution gives even more importance to the fireplace, the real protagonist of the environment, even more so if in the centre of the sofa which, instead of a central element with a backrest, has a pouf that leaves the wall visually free.

The pouf is made of lead-coloured full-grain leather while the upholstery of the Time Break sofa is in grey Calypso collection fabric.

In front of the sofa there is an island of Riff coffee tables with black Marquinia marble tops – matching the material with which the exterior of the fireplace is made.

On the sides of the sofa, however, there are two Patti armchairs with Dark Oil finish and seat in green leather.

The conviviality area

A modern living area could not be without an area dedicated to conviviality which, in this case, features a large Ring model oval dining table with Deep Grey marble top, surrounded by the novelty of the BertO collection: the Jackie Wood chairs upholstered in leather.

The chairs and table base recall the shelves of the IAN wall bookcase that embellishes the wall between the two large windows.

The shelves recall the materials of the dining room and the colours present in the space: Deep Grey marble, black Marquinia marble and smoked black glass.

The role of carpets in the design for the exclusive residence in Bari

Furnishing an open space is always a question of balance: the absence of walls dividing the rooms risks dispersing and confusing styles, creating disorder and – if the choices are not made by real professionals – creating wrong combinations between the furnishings (as mentioned several times here).

All this can happen if, when choosing, there is no accurate planning or precise interior design decisions made.

So how to create formally separate spaces if the room is unique as in this case?

There is only one simple solution: carpets.

The BertO selection accompanies every sofa, table, coffee table or armchair in a perfect combination that would never prove to be perfect in the absence of a matching carpet.

Even in the presence of beautiful floors, the carpet does not have the function of covering but rather of completing a furnishing project and of creating separations between one room and another without any barrier, even if it is a project for a beach house.

How to create an interior design project for your beach house

Every single aspect has been studied in detail to allow customers to take advantage of the comfort of their own home, with a unique style that they could experience every day spent in their beach house.

Therefore, whether it is a holiday home or a first home, the choice of the design project cannot compromise with the look, comfort and the real desires of living in it.

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