The sofa bed is dead. Berto Salotti killed it.

Close your eyes and imagine the classic sofa bed: it has a rigid backrest, short seat cushions, not particularly comfortable as a sofa or as a bed and only when necessary someone uses it as an extra bed.

Now open your eyes and forget all that! We are very happy to present our new “double feature” sofa beds fresh out of our workshop.

We have overcome the constraints imposed by the designs of the past with bulky mechanical devices. We have recently worked on an exclusive design, which included reinventing total comfort, both for day and for night use. Our goal was to create a sofa that is practical and always perfect. We wanted to reinvent the sofa bed according to your needs; as a result, our new collection is available for custom orders.

So, are you just a bit curious to know what we have created in the heat of the July sun 2013¬?

The Robinson sofa bed, upholstered in leather and comes with 3 unmistakable back cushions.

Robinson leather Sofa Bed

The Passepartout sofa bed, young and bubbly, created to allow you to play with color combinations and fabrics.

passepartout colourful fabric sofa bed

The Nemo sofa bed, looking at it like that, does it look like a sofa bed?

nemo leather sofa bed

The Gulliver sofa bed, with a practical fabric slip cover.

gulliver double sofa bed

What do you think? Beautiful right?

All of the above sofa beds are already available on our website and in Berto showrooms in Meda and in Rome.

In the coming days I will introduce them to you one by one 🙂

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