Which are the best fabrics for sofas

Often, when someone is about to furnish their living room, there are some details that they consider sooner, such as for example the sofa’s covering.

If you love sofas upholstered in fabric, and want to know which kind would be the best for your sofa, it would be good to first consider some variables that would allow you to make the best choice.

It may seem strange, but the choice of thread does not come into this.

In particular, I’m talking about the dimensions of the room, light exposure, the presence or absence of doors, windows, columns, the availability of electrical sockets (which will help you identify also the light points you will need and how far away they are from your sofa) and, obviously, the look that you want to achieve by combining to perfection every element.

I am telling you this because the most common and frequent mistake is precisely focusing only on the details, such as the colour or the specific type of fabric, which can end up creating a very different result from what you wanted.

This is why we always ask our clients to let us have some photos or a floor plan of the space when we provide a consultation on their decor project.

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The choice of characteristics in the fabric covering for the sofa is important precisely for the reasons I’ve mentioned, to achieve your Dream Design, and, especially, to guarantee the maximum benefits to your relaxation time.

Our Textile Collection guarantees you all this, thanks to our extensive research on the threads made directly in the weaving factory.

So, here’s how you can know which are the best fabrics for your sofa:

The weight

Fabrics for furnishings are extremely varied, but the first thing that you need to look for is the weight. This does not mean that cotton and linen are not quality fabrics or that they would not work well as a sofa upholstery. Quite the opposite: there are amazing collections out there that are 100% linen with fantastic weight, which are equivalent in terms of use to premium quality threads, and are extremely beautiful.

The washing

Perhaps you don’t already know that the best fabrics for your sofa are dry washable. This is because of two reasons: dry cleaning preserves the fibres and maintains them over time. The second reason is that a very high quality fabric, of a specific weight, would not be absolutely suited to washing with water because it would end up weighing a lot.

The weave

The weave most definitely falls within the category of aesthetic, rather than qualitative considerations. We have fabrics with a subtle weave in our Textile Collection, as well as ones with a very thick weave. What’ the difference? Nothing, if both are created to last long, neither of them lose consistency or peel, and if the finishing is carried out to precision standards. It remains important, certainly, that you understand which is best for you and for your living room.

The shade

There’s no need to tell you that the shade of the threads is today, more so than ever, controlled so as not to impact upon the environment and to obtain excellent results in terms of aesthetic quality and comfort. The thread can be in one solid colour, and it’s also possible to obtain a weave using various threads in different shades. The quality of the fabric depends therefore on the careful selection made in the weaving mill, on its colour fastness, on the meticulous selection of the best threads and their ability to obtain colours that can match perfectly with the accessories in your living room.

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The choice of fabric upholstery for your sofa is certainly important, just as much as its design and comfort.
What you have to keep in mind is that the whole BertO Textile Collection was created first for our sofas, and still is.

The BertO Research and Development Team directly follows the conception of our collections, alongside our Art Directors at Castello Lagravinese Studio, to obtain the optimum standards of quality in the sector.

But that’s not everything: we want all the coverings to be beautiful, elegant and, above all, durable. Because not all coverings are made equal and not all fabric upholsteries are suited to every sofa.

Therefore, if you want to discover which are the best fabrics for your sofa, you can request a private consultation with our interior designers by clicking the box below.

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