The most appreciated design in the world is Made in Meda.

Throughout the world, the word Design means Italy.
At every level, in every field, at every latitude.

However, we can go closer and see where the design which characterises the territory where we live was actually born.

Many people believe that the heart of the furnishing sector, the place where the Made in Italy which everyone talks about is produced, can be found in north-west Italy. It is here that many important societies are situated, societies appreciated throughout the world and promoted by internationally famous designers.

The traditional furnishing craftsmanship in this area, has, over the years, joined together with the early industrial technology, a step which has given rise to the great revolution of design and the culture of internal decorating, of beautiful objects and a particular life style.

It is obvious that this development has found its greatest expression in the most industrialised areas of the country and it is in these areas that the big names in Italian Design have made the territory the centre of good taste made possible by a unique technical expertise, known and appreciated in five continents. Many people believe that this is a reference to a particular Italian city which many consider to be Milan.

In fact everybody believes that Milan is the capital of Design but that is not true.

The initial is the same – M – but it is not Milan, it is Meda.

Of course, Milan is the place which attracts everyone’s attention, for its great allure and the importance of its infrastructures: the city carries out brilliantly its role of capital of a region dedicated to the culture of design and it is right that it is an importance point of reference.

But what you probably don’t know is that the heart of all this is not the large international trade fairs nor the marketing campaigns that promote Made in Italy: the original nucleus, the essence of the phenomena of Design has its roots in a small city which has won the title of Design Capital: Meda.

It is here that many of the “pieces” we can admire in museums throughout the world were created: it is here that many award-winning talents (innumerable Compassi d’Oro…) have discovered the means, the people and the structures which are able to give form to their genial ideas: it is here that fascinating human habitats have their origins.

And Meda is the place where furnishing projects for some of the most beautiful homes in the world are created.

BertO’s dream is to make the “know-how” of the most important design centre in the world available to all.

Meda is, in fact, the city where we can find the greatest synthesis and concentration of know-how in the world. It is a unique place both for advanced technological developments but also for precious traditional craftsmanship which is passed down from generation to generation and it is home to an important cabinet-making school.

Meda is again the city where you can find a great number of brilliant designers who have solved some of the most complex and important projects in the world.

An expert interior designer is able to make you live the experience of a design Made in Meda thanks to the work and activity of BertO.

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