Speaking about Brianza, the home of future craftsmen: some ideas for discussion.

As we have always said, we like to keep an open dialogue, not only when we are involved in public events, but also and especially here on our blog site.

We have been asked several times recently to speak about our work. This kind of attention is flattering, which led us to reflect on how best we can describe what we do as craftsmen, the future of our sector and those who work with us, (let’s not forget this includes the entire district of Brianza.)

We propose seven points for discussion:

The world wide web has become a bridge between Brianza (the centre of the furniture industry in Italy) and the rest of the world.

When a customer enters one of our showrooms in Russia, Sweden, Switzerland or Italy, there is a one important question we ask ourselves?   How did they find us?

The most probably answer is through the web, which has been our link with the rest of the world since 2001. This style of marketing, commonly referred to as e-marketing, is an approach that could also be good for our district: a website, properly maintained, has the capacity to reach people everywhere.


The quality of our handcrafted products gives us the privileged to be interlocutors at all levels.

The reluctance that Brianza has to propose itself as a distinguished contributor is not merely justified in terms of quality; indeed it is the quality of our products that reward us in all comparisons.

In on-line conversations, people around the world look for us and appreciate the craftsmanship found in Brianza, hence they depend on us to speak about our work. Once again, the world wide web has become the frontier of all markets.


What’s needed is integrity between product, company and communications.

We try everyday to recognize this very important lesson: everything is related to communication and the product.

Responding to email contacts in real time has the power to distinguish a company; perhaps even more than what it produces.

What good is making the best sofa in the world, if you can’t say it?


Should it have a face? 

Social networking works: Google works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  It seems to us that if we do not put our face out there i.e., our reputation “on-line” then we are no longer credible.

Gone are the days when it was enough to simply write “Made in Italy” on the label or brand, as if it gave you a patent for quality.

Today giving a direct and clear message about our products, thanking people for the contact on Face book, responding to clients with “We are at your service. Can I leave you my cell phone number?” is the key to our success on the net and in Brianza.

However, it should be noted here that not everyone can afford this attitude of openness and transparency, making it all the more reason to pursue it.


Experience, get ready for change. 

Today is not like yesterday and tomorrow will be different than today. Who quoted this?

“In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.” Quoted by Charles Darwin


Communication is one of the pillars that keep a company strong and alive. 

An attitude of continuous narrative must be adopted; the awareness that “everything communicates” from the act of making the product to responding to an email, the attention given to establish a relationship with clients is paramount (we note this because its increasingly linked in the minds of our customers they remember the company who gives the most information about themselves and their products.)

Excuse the pride we take in our work, but who in the world has the right to speak about us; about our standards and traditions of craftsmanship if not us?  We will take the lead to tell the world using every means plausible on the web!


We do everything as if we were always “on-line.”  Interesting add more statistics.

average time spent on the web is between 25 and 60 seconds. We try to imagine every client as if they were in our showroom, we only have a few seconds to make a good impression, illustrate (we demonstrate it in our videos) our superior quality and answer any questions.

It has made all the difference!

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