Ahia! Sometimes working with passion hurts… but this too is the #Spiritof74

Working days are like little daily epics.
Sometimes it’s a war story, sometimes a romantic novel and sometimes an adventure film.

But always, without exception, working for us is something profound and challenging and where, at the end of our working day, there is not always a happy ending.

When people work hard, when they do their very best, they end up by getting totally involved.

And it’s inevitable, when people are personally involved, they can also get hurt. Only those who are never truly committed never feel pain but this is certainly not the case with our team, constantly challenged and totally committed.

A sale which didn’t go through, a misunderstanding, an unexpected drawback.
Just as we throw ourselves into the job with great energy and enthusiasm… suddenly there is nothing we can do, closed, finished, stop. Ahia!! How angry we feel, how cheated, what a blow to our pride! All we want to do is scream out our pain: ahia!!! 

New Craft

Put your hands up if you have never felt this painful sense of angry frustration at work… none of us are spared.

Ahia! This is why it is one of the 74 key words which make up the book we are writng, our great little editorial adventure which we have called ” #Spirit of 74: 74 key words for happily living the passion for our chosen profession “, a task we have undertaken so that our clients and friends will understand how much our work really means to us.

As we have already mentioned, this book is a collection of 74 different concepts, all ideas created from the experiences of the BertO team, and which we have decided to share with you.

And all with that #Spirit of 74 which the founders of the BertO Society created right from the foundation of the society back in 1974 and which still today inspires our every action.

All this is to say that Ahia! is a concept which must be recognised and respected.

Because only those who throw themselves into their work also make themselves vulnerable. Everyone who works with us knows that, but they have also learnt that they should never feel discouraged because every time they feel hurt they also become a little bit stronger.

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