Do you know what I saw on Monday evening in our showroom in Brescia?

On Monday evening in the BertO showroom in Brescia, I saw some extraordinary things.

I saw a city which I have always admired come to meet my Company.

I saw the personnel of a company getting off a coach, without having been invited, to come and listen to the presentation of a book. 

I saw young women manage a shop in a way that many men couldn’t even imagine.

I saw an upholsterer speaking with a customer while opening a cushion to explain that the padding, if made properly, must fill he cushion right into the corners.

I saw a president speak to local people in their own local dialect.

I saw people who spoke about their Work with a capital W, it was obvious from their tone of voices.

I saw collaborators and employees who had arrived from Rome, Turin and Veneto.

I saw customers who weren’t satisfied with being just customers, but who became a part of the company.

I saw a showroom made up of people where the products remained to the side.

I saw that the Spirit of 74 not only became real, but I noticed that others saw it too.

I saw the lessons taught by my father and my uncle bloom and flourish in front of our very eyes.

I saw a place that, since yesterday evening, has become more than just a showroom.

I saw people being inspired and entertained by the pages of a book.

I saw that the future of our Company is made up of people and hearts, people who will be able to give a meaning to the objects and products.

I saw how extraordinarily lucky I am to be part of a team which is unlike any other in the world.

Thank you everyone!
The Spirit of 74 continues!

Filippo Berto

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