Why driving a BertO Van leads you straight…..into our book.

As you already know because we have mentioned it many times: we are writing our first book.

This publication, which we are putting together with the help of external contributions,  has a precise aim, based on key words which, in our opinion, are a reference for anyone who wants to live happily the passion they feel for their work (this is the sub-title we have chosen!).

There are 74 concepts described by these 74 key words which remind us of the #Spirit of 74 which has been our guide ever since our Society was founded.

So today we present one of the 74 words which will become part of our book.
A “keyword”, as they say in the world of marketing.

A word which takes us out of the workshop, out of the showroom and away from our PC in the office.

It takes us away from our usual, comfortable professional area  –wherever that may be – and…  into a van.

laboratorio divani BertO Meda

Seen from the van (from the driver’s seat which our drivers usually get into after having, with great effort, loaded an enormous quantity of products), the world of the showroom with its soft lights and background music seems to be irrelevant and far away.
The world of craftsmen with their sartorial perfection in the cut, the stitching and the finishes, seems to be a legacy of times gone by.

The world of commercial dealings and relationships with its interactions and  logarithms seems to belong to a planet unknown to man.

They are all there, outside the door of the van.
Start the engine and off you go.

In our society, loading a van and setting out with the idea of ringing the customer’s door bell at the time agreed with the colleagues in the Customer Care department is not a job.
It’s the mission of a super-hero disguised as a van driver.

Why a super-hero?
Because in the end it’s the person who drives the van who covers the last mile separating the customer’s expectations from the object of their desire.

And it’s the same for our deliveries abroad with our international transporters.  Also with them we know we can offer the same high quality service that we give to the customers where we deliver personally. We select them for their reliability, safety and communication, certain that we have put your sofa in good hands during its journey from Italy to the rest of the world.

And it’s the driver who witnesses the moment of truth: when a BertO product enters into the customer’s home and into their family to become part of their daily life and to make memories for the future.

It’s the driver who presents himself at the door with politeness and courtesy after having supported traffic-jams, navigated city ring-roads, missed meals, respected road signs and, not least, found parking spaces.

“Good morning, I’m here to deliver your BertO sofa”.

“What, here already?”

(Very often, when this conversation takes place, our driver has already been there for 20-30 minutes. Only in this way can he be sure to arrive on time, as anyone who drives a van will confirm).

Driving a van is a daily act of courage.
Just like that of assisting a customer in the showroom, like that of managing a relationship on a social network and like that of carrying out a work of capitonné on a Chesterfield sofa, from the beginning to the end.

We understand this and we never forget the people who, at this precise moment, are driving a van with the name BertO on the sides.

Furgone consegne BertO

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