Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day. We celebrate Thanksgiving every day and the reason for this is the Spirit of 74.

The North American custom of celebrating Thanksgiving Day is something we should all admire.
It reminds us that whoever we are we owe it to someone else.

A thought which we in BertO always try to keep in mind.

The concept of being thankful to someone is just one of the pages of the book we are slowly writing about the 74 key words for living happily the passion for our chosen profession, which we will give to our clients, friends and indeed anyone else who is interested.

Once again, we are grateful to the lesson we learnt from our founders who, right from 1974 (a recurrent theme for us, the #Spirit of 74), taught us the importance of humility and that the ability to see good in others is essential in our work (and maybe also in our lives because for us our work and our lives are two things closely connected)

Where would we be now if we hadn’t been able to learn from others?

How would our work turn out if we weren’t able to interpret the desires of those for whom we are working?

Who would speak well about us among our clients or on social networks if we weren’t able to listen, understand and satisfy the requests of our customers, both online or in our showrooms?

Spirit of 74 thanks giving

Every day is Thanksgiving Day for anyone who works knowing that they must always be thankful to someone or for something.

Furthermore this attitude helps us to live with humility, a positive characteristic important for a thousand reasons, from the human aspect but also in our personal and even commercial relationships. 

Without forgetting that gratitude, in our opinion, is one of the most noble qualities, and it’s a good feeling when we are able to feel this sensation of thankfulness.

Therefore, thank you for having read this post and we are looking forward to hearing what you think.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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