On the eve of his departure for New York, Filippo Berto speaks about Design Apart (D-A) and the sofas, which will be included in the exhibit in Manhattan.

Design- Apart is a unique and extraordinarily innovative company: whoever is following our blogs already understands this.

For those who are new to the project we are speaking about the, “Living Showroom” and its multitude of very interesting characteristics.

We would like to conclude this series of candid conversations – as the plane that is taking our CEO Filippo Berto to Manhattan is warming its engines.

BertoStory: The sofas are already in New York, on display at the “Living Showroom” and the team is waiting for you, can you briefly tell us the process that led to their creation?

Filippo Berto: I am happy to say that our master artisans are accustomed to performing their magic; they have been doing so for decades. They have contributed their expertise to the project of Design- Apart, creating with their hands something that first was only an idea. The project is twofold, not only did it have to satisfy the client, but – in its complexity – an entire city, New York City.

We are hoping to include the entire city of New York in the coming months on this adventure!
As for the technical aspects of the project, we cannot fail to mention the expert hands of our artisan colleagues, we want to emphasize that all Berto sofas and beds in the NYC loft are made exclusively by hand.

The construction phase of this unique and complex project has concluded. We would like to thank Luigi for cutting the leather and fabrics with precision and to Matelda and Giovanna for stitching details with absolute perfection. In addition, we would like thank to Flavio and Pier for building the structural supports, and to Marco and Nicoletta, for the final assembly and shipping. Each design complies faithfully with the desires of the client and the requirements of the living showroom as previously described.

The work is finished but the adventure has just begun.

I believe we have brought to New York more than just our sofas and beds but also a piece of Brianza history, recognized all over the world for the expertise and skills of master artisans, who are the collaborators of Berto Salotti.

I’ll see you in New York City!

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