BertO opens in Singapore: it’s happening!

It’s finally happening: we are opening in Singapore!

This is a destination that excites us greatly. It goes without saying that our thoughts – as we take such an important step in the company’s journey – are inevitably drifting to our founders: Carlo Berto, who is with us every day, and Fioravante Berto, who is equally present, if not physically.

Looking back to Singapore from those days in 1974 when BertO was founded, our gaze becomes a little blurred – and not only because of the emotion.
It becomes blurred because our company has undergone so many and such incredible evolutions over time that it is hard to comprehend them in a single glance (and even in a single blog post, for that matter…).

Let’s just say that this great step, which today takes us across the ocean, to Asia, has not happened by chance, or by pure luck, or out of the blue.

It is certainly a more conspicuous step than others, that’s for sure, but those of us who work in the company every day know that steps like this only come after countless equally important steps – which are less conspicuous, less newsworthy, less sensational – taken every day alongside our customers.

If we uncork a special bottle today, it is not only to celebrate a day that is marked on the calendar with “Singapore”, but it is also – above all – to thank everyone who has understood, prepared, and realised this great step forward from the bottom of our hearts.

A full list of thank-yous would be very long indeed, but we must mention a few main groups.

First of all, the large family of BertO customers: it is their preferences, their taste, and their selection of us that allows us to look ahead, raising our vision ever higher. Without them, we could not achieve our goals!

Around us, there are the women and men within our company, who, in the various departments of all of our locations, every minute of every hour of every day, make the BertO brand something concrete and important, worthy of the trust of those who choose us, and equal to the world quality standards that Made in Meda continues to teach us.

But the list of those we deserve our gratitude does not end there: we must recognise everyone who contributes to making our company what it is at all levels, from production to logistics, from digital presence to showroom presence, from those who have only known us for a few days to those who have followed us for a lifetime.

Obviously, we cannot fail to mention those who have acted as a ‘bridge’ between Meda and Singapore, skilfully and cleverly connecting two realities that have more in common than you might think… We are grateful to you for spotting this connection before everyone else, and for ensuring that you were able to make it a reality with us!

A ‘thank you’ from the bottom of our heart is the least that all these people deserve, given what they represent and what they do for us.
But believe us: we could not be more sincere in extending these thanks!

And now, some pictures of the opening of our Singapore showroom: enjoy!

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