A new relationship with our customers in Singapore: Filippo Berto travels to the opening of the latest BertO showroom

The date is fast approaching when we will open our new BertO showroom in Singapore to our many customers in the country.

As the date gets closer and closer and starts feeling more real than ever, we’re getting more and more excited,
especially as Filippo Berto is currently in Singapore meeting a range of different people and visiting some of the country’s most iconic locations when it comes to design, such as the International Design Centre and Raffles College.

It is strange how, in a world of products, fabrics, materials, leather and workmanship, things which are all physical and tangible, it sometimes feels like there is a lack of synthesis, no simple singular thing that, in one fell swoop, can reveal to us something about ourselves.

Those who have been following us and who have read our book proclaiming Meda a World Capital of Design may well have focused on the final part of this text in which we look ahead and propose a vision of the future.

As part of such an important event as this one, where BertO and Singapore are able to meet and engage with on another, we feel that we can also use this occasion to discover a unique vision of what we are in terms of what we want to build together with our partners and, above all, our customers in Singapore.

It is for this very reason that Filippo Berto has dedicated a lot of time on his trip to Singapore to meeting people in order to deliver a completely new take on our famous WHYBERTO slogan that asks and answers the question “Why BertO?” in a Singaporean context.

On the subject of meeting students, designers, architects, entrepreneurs, partners, friends and fans of Italian design, Filippo Berto states:

“Singapore is a city where a culture of design and beauty can be felt on every street.

Furthermore, we know that the public is interested in Italian design, but they are even keener to understand the philosophy, the motivations, the spirit and the vision behind it.

Our partners at ReCasa Living chose us because we have a distribution method unlike any other, where every customer feels comfortable, understood and listened to and in which we offer a wealth of expertise to ensure they have an excellent experience with us.
In a few days, we will be doing the exact same thing with our customers in Singapore.

Join me on our journey to ASIA, where I will be meeting students, designers, customers, Italians living in Singapore, and people from all over the world who have chosen to make Singapore their home”.

We look forward to seeing you on 25 November, when we will open the doors of our BertO showroom together with ReCasa.
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