40 years with Berto

October 1974 – October 2014

Today we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our company’s history.

With this post, and many others dedicated to promoting our activities, we are announcing that the celebration will come to life during the next few months.

The 40th anniversary of our company for myself is a very strong sensation.

Fioravante Berto
Fioravante Berto

Now more than ever, I realize the emotional strength that this project produces in me, as I become more involved, my obligation to the commitment of my father and uncle become clearer and endearing.

I would like to begin today by telling you a bit about our history.

Fioravante Berto in 1960 built a house and within it, the first location of the Berto brothers’ laboratory was born.

Fioravante and Charles Berto young and adventurous in the ‘70s worked for many legendary Italian upholsterers in the Brianza.  They became known as skilled modelers allowing them to hire several employees.

The beginning of their commitment to artisanship began in 1974, in the basement of their home their history as upholsterers was already in the making.

My father Fioravante gifted by his ability to organize work, build relationships and having a good sense of what the market was doing at that time aided their beginning.

My uncle Charles known for his ability as a master upholsterer is still recognized as one of the most skilled upholsterers in the Brianza territory.

Thanks to their determination, typical of people who were not from the area and typical of those who start a business from scratch, they wanted to prove their worth and receive recognition for their efforts. Hence, in the ‘90s they released their first catalog of handcrafted furniture for the sale to the public.

In the late 90’s I began running the family business. Armed with a team of master artisans and a digital revolution under way, we renewed our commitment to making our name a global brand: known for high quality tailored upholstery.

This of course could have only happened with a team of unmatched, men and women, who started with us 40 years ago, who are still with us today, and let us not forget our more recent members who have been added just in the past few years.

An entire team of people that have worked very hard over the years, I would like to extend my personal recognition. There are no words to describe my gratitude, I am proud to be able to walk by your side and dream about the next 40 years with all of you.

I feel the love and care of family around all of our projects, because of this, my work gives me the most beautiful satisfaction.

They are the protagonists of our brand. They are also the reason, why we try to make our customers understand and appreciate all that goes into each of our sofas.

Among them, there is one person in particular to whom I am most grateful, and in October 1974, he was that mythical figure alongside my father and uncle.  Since that day, he has never left.

I am speaking about Flavio Cairoli, and it is to him that I dedicate this first post opening the celebrations of our # Berto40.

Flavio is, to my family and for our company, someone very special.

Having had his trust and support throughout the years, especially in difficult times, it is a great honor to work with him and a source of great responsibility.

So Flavio get ready, because we are going to “have a party” for you.

In the next post we will bring to light the characters of our story: customers, suppliers, products, places and of course the team. There will be times of celebration but also moments of analysis and awareness to unite us even more in our project for the future with determination and unity, always bearing in our hearts the strength, support and the memory of my father, Fioravante Berto.

Happy Birthday #Berto40 to us and to all of you!

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