An upholsterer at the Italian parliament. Today Filippo Berto is attending the Wwworkers Barcamp at the Chamber of Deputies

“Worktrends, the Italian way to the future of work”: this is the title of the meeting occurring today, Thursday 8th June 2017, at the Sala Regina by the Chamber of Deputies in Rome.

Filippo Berto with other 25 “excellent” Italian businessmen takes part in the edition 2017 of the Wwworkers Camp.

The afternoon is really full of speeches, either institutional by some Government representatives or as proof by people personally involved in innovative business dynamics.

Our experience will be placed then just near to some players as Facebook, Google, Uber, AirBnb, that are just few of the most famous brands attending the meeting.

(In other words, if you did not exactly get the meaning, we are among the giants!)

wwworkers 2017 barcamp Berto Salotti

You can find the entire program of the meeting right below, but we would like to focus on the fact that if someone has left Meda today in order to enter one of the most important institutions in the country, well, the reason is that in Meda there are many factors that allowed this unforgettable event to happen.

Let’s try to remember them together…

First: an amazing team of highly qualified professionals, the best team ever: they are able to add value either to the handmade work or to the creative one in the same way.

The BertO team represents exactly this idea: a fine upholstery tailoring with the most skillful hands supported by some other hands (that work on a keyboard or on a touch screen) for a powerful and virtuous creative job of mutual value.

Second: we are not actually the ones that founded this company in Meda, but the brothers Carlo and Fioravante did when the business world was really less organized than it is today.

They were able to work with the right vision, the right motivation and the right push… In some other famous words we can say that if we can look forward today, it is due to the fact that we are strongly set on our founders’ shoulders.

Third: our company is more than a company, it is a community.

During these years we have worked in order to open ourselves up, in every possible way.

We have opened our production by creating the first experiences of crowdcrafting – a shared production opened to anyone who wished to try personally the experience of an artisan job – here in Meda, in Milan and New York; we have opened our showroom for the meetings in the area #BertoLive to anyone that – in all fields – can inspire us with his own experience; we have opened the online conversation in the most important languages by using in a pioneering way all means of the modern informative technologies.

That is the reason why today we are all here in Rome with Filippo.

We would like to thank all people – you are so many – that allow our company to be what it is: we will keep on working hard to confirm your trust in us…in Rome, in Meda and everywhere!

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