BertO is ever closer to customers in Italian-speaking Switzerland: at the forefront of the BIT Ticino Property Show in Lugano 2022

Anyone who knows us will know how much we care about maintaining a close relationship – in every way – to our beloved customers.

It’s an attitude that affects many aspects of our business and can be seen in absolutely all of our activities.

We maintain a close relationship with our customers by listening to their very personal needs in terms of home comfort, we work closely with them when they approach us, even if only to request information, to enquire or comment, and we are right by their side when new and original service solutions are required.

And of course we are also physically close to them whenever possible.

This meeting – with regard to the numerous customers who have chosen us from Italian-speaking Switzerland for many years – was renewed with great enthusiasm in September 2022 (on the 26th and 27th to be precise) in which we took part in a prestigious event, which allowed our company to meet many friends again, both old and new.

We are referring to the Ticino Property Show 2022 which took place at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano a few days ago…and what a satisfaction it was to be able to welcome on our sofas all those visiting the VIP Lounge, who – like friends who welcome you with open arms – demonstrated BertO comfort and style right from the start to all those who came into the rooms!

BIT the Ticino Property Show 2022

And it doesn’t end here: BertO’s involvement with BIT which – we reiterate – is the most prestigious event in Italian-speaking Switzerland in the field of property, furnishings and services, and is sponsored by Canton Ticino. We were the main company not only of the VIP lounge, but also of the speakers’ stage, in the area dedicated to subject matter conferences.

In short: during these unforgettable days, the numerous and very pleasant encounters our company has with our customers from Italian-speaking Switzerland were held in a setting characterised by elegance and comfort, Made in Meda by BertO.

This too takes us one step further towards something that is of growing importance to our company: closeness to our customers, in this case customers from Italian-speaking Switzerland, who have historically been very appreciative of BertO quality.

Our thanks to the organisers of the BIT and to our customers, take the form of a commitment to maintain and further develop our quality and service levels, so that we are always within reach and in close contact, to better interpret that “Dream Design” that our customers expect from the BertO brand.

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