BertO opens in Singapore: a wonderful meeting

From Meda to Singapore: we are about to embark on a beautiful experience with beautiful motivations.

The first BertO store will open in Singapore within a few weeks.

This news is very important for us: the kind of news that marks an important step in the life of our company.
It’s certainly an unforgettable moment in our little (but big) story!
And do you know what makes us particularly proud?

The exceptionally high level of appreciation from our local partners: an exceptional recognition on the global stage, which is essential and fantastic for us. But that’s not all.

Teddy Sun - Showroom BertO Singapore

What makes us most proud is the fact that – while the quality standards of our manufacturing and the standing of our Design were deeply understood and fully appreciated – the factor that made the difference in the evolution of this project and its successful outcome goes far beyond ‘what we do’…

…In fact, it is shaped by ‘how we do things’.

Let’s be clear: without absolute excellence in terms of product, collection and conceptual proposal, none of this would have begun, so we do not wish to belittle these elements.

The fact that we are what we are – at one with our daily commitment to constant quality improvement, as the high standards that Made in Medahave always demanded – well, all this has been a remarkable calling card for us.

But despite these just considerations, we still asked ourselves:

All of this is true. But why us?

Teddy Sun, Filippo Berto and Giorgio Berto - Showroom BertO Singapore

Our Singapore partners gave us the answer, indirectly but clearly.

We realised – through numerous meetings, exchanges at all levels, opportunities to compare and get to know each other – how great the need was for a different conception of customer relations in the world of design. Both in Singapore and elsewhere.

It is this way of managing relationships – always listening, remaining available at all times, being fully orientated towards the centrality of people and their needs – that gradually became the decisive key to this project.

And not by chance.

For many years, in our Italian showrooms, BertO has offered engagement on many levels: from cultural occasions to music, from in-depth meetings to convivial gatherings, from solidarity initiatives to a commitment to social responsibility, from the education of the new generations to environmental sustainability…

All this – endorsed by countless testimonials from customers from all over the world – marks a strong point of difference in favour of the BertO brand.
And we have realised that it is the brands with special relationship skills – those that are more creative or dynamic – that are attracting the most interest today.

Because the world has changed, is changing, and will continue to change.

We Italians, who are rightly renowned for our ‘Made in Italy’ philosophy, are observed and studied with greater attention than others, thanks to the glorious tradition of design and good living that characterises us. But today’s needs are no longer those of the 70s, 80s and 90s, nor even those of the pre-pandemic period.

This is why a different idea that is more in line with the times, an idea that treasures excellence and reinterprets it in the light of new needs and lifestyles, provokes people’s favour, their curiosity, their desire to grow… And this is also true of purchase choices, as long as this brings value – partly in terms of relationships, and not just on the level of functionality or service.

Our untiring desire to create better relationships, beyond the traditional company-market, seller-customer roles, is taking us into new worlds.

This is what makes us able to grow our relationships and constantly improve them.

That’s what we continue to strive for.

And this is what we will soon strive for in Singapore.

Teddy Sun and Filippo Berto - Laboratory Meda

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