How to match cushions to your designer sofa

Imagine for a moment that you’ve found the sofa of your dreams, that it fits perfectly in your space, but once you get it in your living room, it fails to give you the excitement you felt in the showroom.

Does it seem… too white? Too grey? Maybe empty?
You have that nagging feeling that something’s missing.

It’s a very common feeling and, of course, you’re not alone. It often happens because at the start, no one asked you or was able to advise you on how to achieve the result with the project as a whole in mind.

Let me give you an example that will definitely be familiar: you will certainly have flipped through a fashion magazine to realise how the perfect outfit is not limited to the sartorial elegance of the dress, but to the way in which its accessories are combined.

The secret is all in the way the accessories are coordinated with the main piece, be it an haute couture dress or your beautiful designer sofa.

Time Break modular sofa cushions - BertO

The important thing is not to fall down on the choice of decorative cushion: would you match a beach bag to an evening gown?
Of course not: selecting the right accessory is anything but simple, and you certainly can’t improvise as a stylist.

So in the case of your sofa, you have to rely on a competent professional who knows how to find design solutions to make your living room the wonderful space you dreamed of.

With the advice of our interior designers, you can think of an infinite variety of combinations, for example by playing with the colour palette between the decorative cushions and your sofa: keeping the same shades or focusing on elegant colour contrasts.

Do you have a dark sofa, or have you chosen a light one? With the interior designer you can work out how to balance the shades between neutral and bright colours.

Decorative cushions - BertO

You can choose to keep the same fabric covering or break away completely by focusing on the contrast between the leather of the sofa and that of the cushion to play with the thicknesses of the materials. A good alternative is for example the use of velvet, which enhances the feeling of softness to the touch.

The symmetry of the decorative cushion can also play an important role and be imaginatively arranged in relation to the sofa seat.

The size and modularity of your sofa can be a further criterion for choosing whether to place the cushions all on one side or to scatter them in a studied chaos for a look that will surprise you.

Time Break modular sofa cushions BertO

As part of a customised design, this accessory dresses your sofa in the most natural and attractive way thanks to its shapes, colour shades, dimensions, upholstery and filling

These are the characteristics for which the cushion has become the accessory capable of completing your Dream Design project with prestigious, elegant tones.

BertO’s interior designers are at your disposal to help you identify the most suitable cushions and accessories for your project.
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