Berto Study Case: the section Graduation Dissertation and Books is created.

The BertO Study Case section is created: Books and Graduation Dissertation on the site.
Nothing new if we think about Fioravante Berto.

We are artisan craftsmen, we work with our hands.

Up to just a few years ago teachers, education and the concept of study in general caused a certain feeling of uneasiness in those who did our work. Traditionally, in the artisan world, people who chose to work in the laboratory were those who didn’t want to go to school.

That DNA is still somewhere around, but it is a DNA which has evolved and been corrected.
This evolution, like so many others which interest us, is due to the work of a certain Fioravante Berto.

While we are inaugurating the part of our site which concerns Case Studies and Graduation Dissertations, we like to remember our co-founder who started his artisan career after just 5 years of Elementary School.

After the first few years during which he learnt the job, he decided to start the society Berto Salotti together with his brother Carlo Berto.

Caso studio tesi di laurea BertO

The years passed, the society grew and at 35 years of age Fioravante was an entrepreneur already known in this field.

And it was in this period, at the age of 35, that Fioravante decided that it was time to learn English. And he did! He learnt it perfectly but by now the educational evolution of our founder was underway.

From there he moved on and completed the Middle School – at 45 years of age and then the High School of Art specialising in wood where he followed important courses including the artistic expressions of free-hand design and design from real life.

And now we are in 2019.

The link between the past in which Fioravante was the protagonist and the present of the many people who – from every part of the world and thanks to today’s technology – enter into our world of artisan activity to study and understand it until it becomes a

Case Study for dissertations, is a very special “common thread” which joins us to our origins and directs us towards future challenges.

This “common thread” is called humility and the desire to learn and we are convinced that the young students who decide to write their dissertation about our society feel this “common thread” as their own.

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