New additions to the brand name? No, new delivery times.

The BertO signature: a new way to define rapid delivery.

Ever since 1974 the BertO signature has appeared on many different products, all the wonderful objects which come out of BertO Sartorial Upholstery.

It may be a sofa, a bed, an armchair, a chair or a table… so why are we talking about chronometers?

Because we have decided to put our signature on delivery times as well.

We think that a beautiful object which has been created with love and care, something maybe made-to-measure to satisfy your personal taste and requirements also deserves a rapid delivery.

We have chosen it and now we want to use it.
We have chosen the destination, now we want to leave.
We have chosen the dish and our mouth is already watering.

And it is just for this reason- because we believe that consideration towards our clients cannot ignore aspects which are only apparently collateral such as the time they have to wait from the moment when they choose the product to the moment in which they can actually use it – we have found a way of drastically reducing our delivery times.

Robinson sofa bed berto italy

A new form of rapid delivery.

“How long, how many days must I wait before I can sit on the beautiful sofa I have chosen.?”

With us, thanks to the BertoPrima service, a very short time indeed.

According to the area of reference, we can place your new sofa on your living room floor in only 48 hours from the moment you purchase it.

Maybe you are asking yourselves if we have invented the time-machine or if we have bought an unprecedented patent for teleportation from Elon Musk … 🙂

None of all this.

The difference is that we have chosen to use our own vehicles rather than rely on external couriers or shippers.

An option at the service of our clients which will allow them to enjoy to the full the pleasure of a piece of BertO furniture in the shortest time possible and us … to put our signature also on the chronometer!

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