From Francesco Cancellato’s beautiful book: inspiration for us, inspiration for young people

Next 27th June Francesco Cancellato will be in the BertoLive area in Meda to tell us how his book came to be, a book which for us is really precious because the subject he writes about is very close to our hearts: the future for our young people. 

We have read it and we strongly recommend it, not only to young people but to readers of all ages because the future of the new generation depends on us.
As we have already emphasised in the announcement post, the future of young people is the future of all of us and the book “Né sfruttati né bamboccioni” by Francesco Cancellato has dealt in a clear and lucid way with the situation of young people in Italy today.

In our case our society is founded on the base of a strong artisan tradition and -as we all know- artisan traditions are strongest when they succeed in planting visions in the following generations.

spirito del 74

For this reason our interest for the lively discussions which will certainly arise during the evening of the 27th in Meda will be on different levels.
But this is not the right moment to discuss the involvement of the new generation in our company but instead it seems to us to be a good moment to face the subject in function with the keywords.

“Which keywords?” you may ask.

“The 74 keywords to live the passion for their work with satisfaction and pleasure”

we reply referring to the book we have decided to write to share that which is in our DNA.

So what better occasion to suggest some of these key words for our young people today?

Here’s an idea – while waiting for the 27th June when we will be able to share ideas with all of you and with the author of “Né sfruttati né bamboccioni”,– to open a constructive dialogue with the young people who live in our midst and help them prepare to take over the reins of our society.

1- Energy
Energy is all around us, in the beautiful things which surround us and in the desire to better ourselves. Sometimes this energy comes from others but be careful to distinguish between the people who give you energy from those who drain it from you.

2- Risk
It’s fundamental to know how to take risks when you are following your passion. If you don’t take risks you will not be able to grow.

3- Salary
If it is only a salary that you are looking for, the most you can hope to gain is money. However if you are looking for job satisfaction and to have your talent recognised, money is only one of the many ways your real worth will be acknowledged.

4- Van
Can you drive? It could be useful!

5- But…
Allow yourself to doubt. Critical thoughts can assist you more than many other things.

spirito del 74

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